Monday, September 18, 2006

The Sane World Owes the Pope Bigtime...

...if only all of us would open our eyes, and see the truth.

As is now common knowledge, sometime over the past few days, the current Pope quoted some Byzantine king on what said king believed about Islam, in essence, being a violent religion, that soought to spread itself by the sword. In that regard the quote also, in essence, stated that nothing but evil came about from the teachings of Mohammed through the Q'uran.

What happened next seems only too typical of the followers of the religion that calls itself the religion of peace; and that which happened was not peaceful. There were riots around much of the Islamic world. There were burnings in effigy of the Pope and others. There were calls for jihad against Christianity and the west. There were calls for the utter destruction of the west. There were people blaming this all on George W. Bush, oth in the Islamic world and in the world of the political ultra leftists in the USA. There were churches that were firebombed or torched. There was other property damaged. There were at leasat two people, and I think three, who were killed in alleged retaliation for the words the Pope quoted. All of these actions, with the exception of blaming it all on GWB, was carried out by Muslims, or suspected of having been carried out by Muslims. Islam is not, as I see it, a religion of peace. It appears much more to me to be a religion of fanticism driven by a hatred of anything not Islamic or of anything that questions or criticizes Islam or its prophets.

So what is for which we owe a big debt of gratitude to the Pope. Well his statement brought on all of this furor from many of the followers of Islam. His statement was the so called catalyst, really just an excuse though, for the rioters to go berserk, to bring out their nature. For that is exactly what they have done. The words he quoted were the excuse that the Islamists used to riot, destroy property, burn people in effigy, call for the destruction of Christianiy, the destruction of the west, the killing of the pope, and the destruction of St. Peter's Basilica - among other things. His quoting someone else were what they used as an excuse to show the rest of the world their true makeup.

I am very happy the Pope did not apologize for the words he uttered. He gave his apology very carefully, and said in essence that he was sorry if any one was offended. Too bad the Pope did not also then add that the Islamists of today, who took these heinous actions, put more truth into those words he quoted that anything that he could have ever said in his lifetime. What has been done, in relation to the quote made by the Pope, was absolutely evil as I see it.

Why it is that everyone who is not a Muslim does not see this, why it is that the so called moderate Muslims do not see this, why it is that some people want to blame the Pope for the destruction and death done by Islamists? It is all beyond me! Wake up folks, the sky really is falling, the end of the world as we know it is quite possibly just around the corner, the enemy is at the gates and the gates are crumbling, and heck they already have their spies within them. To quote a somewhat famous rock band, Credence Clearwater Revival:

"I hope you have got your things together, I hope you are quite prepared to die."

Me, I am a man of peace, I love a peaceful life. Yet, I have my things together. If it comes to it, I am quite prepared to die to defend my country and her Constitution. I would rather live and be able to continue to enjoy my liberties and freedoms in peace, but don't let anyone who would try to take those liberties and freedoms from us believe even for a moment that my love of a peaceful life means I will defend them any less. I will fight for them, to the death if need be, you can bet on that. To quote The Grateful Dead:

"God damn, well I decalre,
have you seen the like?
Their walls are built of cannon balls,
their motto is "Don't Tread On Me"

And it is about time we remember that, and start living up to it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Oh Willie tell me it ain't so,...

...please tell me it ain't so.

As per @,2933,214340,00.html

Willie Nelson was "...issued misdemeanor citations for possession of narcotic mushrooms and marijuana..." I wonder, what does that do to this guy's image as one of the best of Country/Western music? Probably sells more albums for him. Oh well, I don't condone it. Then again, I guess his using this stuff, if in fact he does use it, doesn't make his music any better or worse. I still like him for his tunes, but I wish he would clean up his act if these charges wind up being upheld.

The frequency of E. coli outbreaks and...

...the outrageous numbers of illegal aliens in this country from Mexico has me wondering is there a link between these two stats. It is already considered factual knowledge that the outbreaks of bed bugs across the USA is linked to the populations of illegal aliens in areas where the outbreaks occur. It does not take all that much imagination to wonder if illegal alien populations and E. coli outbreaks are linked.

If you recall, over the past several years the numbers of E. coli cases have seemingly risen in good number; so to has the population of illegal aliens, especially those from Mexico. Now think about where the E. coli outbreaks occur, not as in what areas have the people who get infected, but in what kind of places do the tainted food products which spread E. coli originate. They originate in places that food is processed, or in agricultural settings. Granted, many illegal aliens work in agricultural and meat processing jobs. From personal experience, I can tell you that the hygiene standards in countries like Mexico are not anywhere near our own. I have seen first hand, Mexican field laborers harvesting lettuce, vomiting on the lettuce, taking the soiled head(s) of lettuce and throwing them into the box along with the clean ones. I saw this on several occasions in my 4 years as a Border patrol Agent. It disgusts me today as it did back then. I have also seen these same type of field workers with smelly dirty hands, right after they did the dirty toilet thing, and they did not clean before resuming work picking produce that could have become your dinner that week.

Now as per an article I saw at @,2933,214310,00.html

"The FDA and California Department of Health Services planned Monday to work toward tracing the infected greens to individual farms. The inquiry will review irrigation methods, harvest conditions and other practices at farms possibly involved."

They state somewhere else in the article that this outbreak could be related to fouled irrigation water. I wonder what substance it is that fouled the water, could it be human waste? Where oh where did that come from? Nowhere does the article state, and at no time have I heard any suggest this could be due to lack of hygiene on the part of illegal alien field workers. My bet is that if they find one human at a farm who is carrying this germ or somehow else spreading it, they will stop looking if the guy is anything other than an illegal. If the first guy is an illegal, I would bet they keep looking until they find it on someone who is here legally, just to be politically correct in favor of illegal aliens.

Of course, I could be wrong in my hypothesis, and that is all it is, that this outbreak or others have been caused by illegal aliens with horrendous hygiene, but I'd be willing to bet on it, just a little anyhow, that is if betting were legal. Since it isn't legal, and since I am a U.S. Citizen, I'd also GUESS that if I did gamble illegally, I'd be arrested. If only I were an illegal alien, I might get away with it.

Best regards,
Glenn B