Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Only 17 Days In AR So Far...

..,.and so far my son caught a nice sized catfish, went to DMV to get his Arkansas CDL Class A driver's license, been to a party or three, got himself an apartment and renter's insurance, bought himself a new Glock 43 (his first pistol) & ammo for it, hooked himself up with a part time job until he could get a full time one and bought new furniture for the apartment.

Today he was offered a full time job, with benefits, contingent on him passing a drug test. I am certain he will pass - and he says he definitely will pass it (he just passed one for Home Depot - the PT job)! He is staying with the part time job until the offer is fulfilled for the full time one. Right now, he is up on a mountain somewhere "throwing shoes" which I am guessing translates to playing horseshoes but what do I know.

The next thing you know he will tell me he has hooked up with some fine southern belle and they are getting hitched. No, stop right there, before he does that I am sure he will take the AR Concealed Handgun Carry License training class and then put in his application for the carry license. He probably will get in some shooting, hunting, fishing and drinking with his buddies too. After that, he may get hitched but I think not before. Anyway, he definitely is a man on the move. I am quite proud of him.

All the best,
Glenn B