Friday, January 16, 2015

Police Reportedly Use Mugshots As Targets...

...and I am just about at a loss for words to say how this makes me feel but believe me, it is not good at all. To say I am disgusted, by such behavior on the part of they who have sworn to uphold and or protect the Constitution and who supposedly are to uphold the law while serving us and protecting us, would be an understatement.

That a police department's snipers reportedly were using mugshots, of people they had previously arrested, as targets at a range where others could readily see what they were doing was not merely stupid but was blatantly arrogant. To make it even worse, the mugshots allegedly were all of black men which of course, in todays racially charged atmosphere, was not only piss poor judgment but was asking for trouble.

Not only does behavior like that perpetuate racism, the arrogance of the us against them mentality (the 'us' being the police and the 'them' being everyone else) but it also reeks of impropriety. It hints that the department involved, from their chief (who was apparently aware of the practice) down to whatever lowest level officers were using those targets (with whatever supervisors and range officers fell between those ranks) were possibly well on their way to criminality. It makes me wonder, though I doubt it, if summary executions were not far over the horizon. That said, I must ask: What could possibly drive the department to use those mugshots, of their own past prisoner? It is beyond the realm of logic and reason.

Yet, the chief of the department excuses it as them not violating any laws or policies! In fact, the chief was reported to have said that the technique is in wide use and the photographs are vital for facial recognition. One has to wonder - for facial recognition as related to what? Were they planning SWAT missions against the specific people in those mughsots? Otherwise why use them for facial recognition. Anyway, that is obvious BS because in any police departments facial recognition drill there would be (or should be) included other photographs of similar looking individuals who were not criminals or in other words which were 'no shoot' photos among the actual 'shoot targets' of the bad guys. Without the no shoot targets their is no facial recognition worth a darn that is getting done (unless of course you intend to actually only go out and shoot the guys specifically pictured on your targets).

Now, if you think I am wrong about what I just said, go to the linked article and watch the second video in it. It is of Chief Dennis explain why and how the muGshots were supposed to have been used as facial recognition targets. One persons mugshot in the photo array of six mugshots was to have been the target - YET ALL SIX  OF THE MUGSHOTS IN THE PHIOTO ARRAY SHOWN HAD BULLET HOLESIN THEM! It is painfully obvious that if his snipers shot all those holes into the targets, they were not using them for facial recognition unless of course the sniper(s) firing those shots were remarkably terrible at facial recognition and thus should not be qualified as snipers. Once again, I am brought to wonder were they planning summary executions, or were they being absolutely moronically stupid in using those targets. I am not giving them an out by saying maybe it was stupidity - well, maybe I am because either way, I think these buffoons should be severely disciplined and at least the chief should be stepping down as it out of the department (if not all of them).

The chief though was also quoted as saying this:

“Our policies were not violated,” “There is no discipline forthcoming from the individuals who were involved with this.” (source)

Their policies were not violated so no discipline is about to be doled out - is he trying to tell us that behavior that likely would get a civilian investigated and maybe arrested and charged with terroristic threats, or maybe with the civilian being placed into observation at the local looney bin and all his guns seized, is okay for the police to carry out without repercussions! Is he also trying to tell us that officers who use extremely bad judgment in the performance of their duties should not be disciplined at least with mandatory training on how to practice better judgment or is he trying to tell us to mind our own business and that the police department, and only the police department, will determine the practices and policies for officers to follow without the public having a say regardless of how irrational was any given police behavior. I think this man needs to turn in his badge and gun without delay if only because he is a liability to the department that hired him and to the community that pays his salary. In fact, I think that any law enforcement officer who endorses that type of behavior should hand in his or her badge and gun and then go to a shrinks office where his or her head can be pulled out of his or her asshole so it can be thoroughly examined.

Now mind you, I am not opposed to using actual photographs of people as targets, especially for sniper targets. That is when the sniper would be preparing to go out on an operation that would specifically target and individual or group of them. Say for instance the suspect in the not too long ago shooting of the state police officers in PA, or say of a dirtbag like Osama bin Laden, or of some other legally sought after individual who was considered armed and dangerous. To do what it seems they did in the North Miami PD though, I believe, is inexcusable and I think there should be several jobs openings in that department in the near future if what has been reported is true.

Is that anti-police? No it is not. It is anti bad law enforcement practices and it is anti-employment of arrogant morons working in law enforcement.

All the best,
Glenn B