Friday, January 23, 2015

God Damn, Well I Declare, It's Been One Of Those Days

Tonight is a good night for a drunk of a magnitude I rarely achieve in drunkenness. It's just been one of those fucking days. Let's see, it went from: learning (from a doctor who was an obnoxious arrogant asshole) that if my PSA test from today turns out higher than the last one (as the last few have been progressively higher along with some other problems down south) then I'll be going in for a scoping of the urinary tract and a biopsy of the prostate - to getting home and greeting my wife with one of the nicest greetings I have given her in awhile to her replying to me like I was a sack of rancid flea infested and very wet pig shit - to receiving a bill in the mail (along with my son's old cell phone that had been sent in to ATT for warranty replacement) for $439 because they said the phone my son sent to them for warranty replacement was damaged or otherwise not under warranty!

Add to that the regular bullshit things one puts up with in a day and I popped my fucking cork and gave the wife a tirade and then broke the friggin laundry basket when I was cleaning up in the basement and almost broke the vacuum cleaner. The laundry basket a quick trip to the store to replace, well as quick as it could be in the middle of rush hour on a Friday fucking evening. Maybe it was not so much to replace the laundry basket as it was to get away from hearing my asshole darling mother-in-law saying "Oh mein gott, vas happened to dat"!

When I got back home, I finished off the remaining dozen or so Moonshine Cherries and whatever moonshine was in the jar with them. Then I realized I was a real arsehat for not stopping off to buy a jar of moonshine or Moonshine Cherries before going back home. After that had struck me, I cracked open a Golden Monkey Tripel and almost actually enjoyed it. I am just about ready to hit the second one. I think I have a total of three more in the fridge so that means I can catch a decent to excellent buzz off of them. Then there is the vodka or the Sailor Jerry Rum or the Guavaberry Liquor (it was a gift) or whatever my son has in stock. Yes, it looks like I will be hurting tomorrow.

Fuck Obama, it's all his fault. Okay maybe not all, but it's nice to have an asshole to blame (like he blamed Bush) even if facetiously.

All the best,
Glenn B