Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Really WTF Is Wrong With The Idiots In Our Society Today

I don't know about you but I had never before heard of what I think amounts to the self mutilation that the article at the link below discusses. Why anyone would be stupid enough to even consider doing that to him or her self, essentially turning their eyeballs more or less into Easter eggs in appearance, is beyond my power comprehension, really my imagination totally fails me as to why someone would do that to their eyeballs and their health. I think that future society, as it was depicted in the movie Idiocracy, would have absolutely nothing on the moronic \folks who would do this to themselves. Find out about it at the source: (you may have to cut & paste that address into your browser).
To think - that total idiot (my opinion of her if she did as alleged) is a mother! If true, I can only think: Heaven help her children so they do not turn out like her! I wish her the best possible outcome with regard to regaining her sight because that is the right thing to do but I find that I cannot refrain from saying it again - I think she is an absolute idiot. Unbelievable!
All the best,
Glenn B