Tuesday, January 25, 2022

My First Day Back In The Stock Market...

 ...was today, after over a year of not investing. My account took a small plunge to the tune of $2999.90 today, that being the purchase price of the stocks I bought. As for the day, it turned out I lost $8.13 cents after making my investments. Oh well, there is always tomorrow to make my killing!
I also own a small amount of silver & gold. I think I will be buying more gold after this coming weekend depending if I can sell somethings that I plan to try to offload. I would be happy if I can sell the few items I plan to put up for sale even if I only break even on them. Then, I'll use the money on a bit of bullion. 
I figure I need to be ready if:
 1. We go to war with Russia
 2. We go to war with China
 3. We screw ourselves so badly we wind up like Venezuela recently (and probably currently) or like Germany right before WWII.

Maybe I am an optimist, I figure it will be #3 but who knows. All I know right now is that the near future looks as if it could get dismal quickly no matter how much I hope otherwise. So am just trying to be prepared for the worst; yet, I hope to be happily surprised and wake up to find we are over The Lost Horizon and in Shangri-la. I'm just not betting on it!

All the best,
Glenn B

I Wonder What Odds The Bookies Are Offering In Las Vegas...

 ...as to whether or not Russia invades the Ukraine and if so whether the USA gets involved on the ground! Me thinks Putin is testing us and the rest of the world (like it essentially says here but he is unpredictable with accuracy & reliability). Meanwhile we are led by leaders much akin to those in the below video (the second one). I mean look at the sleaze bag we have in the White House (by whom I mean Biden not Harris, although...) and believe me Putin and Xi both are checking him out. 

 If Putin decides to invade the Ukraine, my money is on Biden folding like a wet noodle that babbles to itself about how great it is while peeing his pants. Of course, that is me being optimistic; Biden could prove me wrong and launch WWIII because he is a frigging pussy who might be unable to figure any other way out of such a mess and who is too afraid of making himself look weak and thus he may go tough. 

Not for me to say one way of the other but I lived through the first Cold War and believe me plenty of people thought it was going to go hot. Living through that one is probably why I have a few months of supplies and lots of ammo. 

Seriously, I am concerned because if we go to war with Russia, I see China going after the winner after the winner's resources have been depleted by the war. Of course, we may all just go nuke at once and that would be that. Nice knowing you if that becomes the case in which event I'll be singing you this song as the skies light and then as the lights go out if we live that long:



Just in case you do not know why I used that song - here is a hint - and this I suppose is mostly for younger folks who've never seen 'Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb':

All the best,
Glenn B
PS: I was just saddened to read that Vera Lynn passed away in June 2020. If I heard about it back then, then I have forgotten that I knew about it; so, it comes as new news to me today. I must say, she had a magical voice and she sang We'll Meet Again as lovely as it could be sung. My bet is that when she first sang it, she never dreamed it would wind up as the closing song in a movie about the end of us all. Let us just hope - that what was portrayed in this film nor what was seen in another movie from the same year 1964, that one being Fail Safe - never comes about!
Of course, there is always hope some of us might survive at least in some folks' minds:
On a final note and let me say this and say it with absolute certainty: Gen. 'Buck' Turgidson was George C. Scott's finest role, yes even better than was his role as Patton - much better! Then again, this movie had some of the finest acting done by at least a few others such as Peter Sellers, Sterling Hayden (who certainly was at his peak in this one) and Slim Pickens!