Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Owe Someone From A Holster Company An Apology...

...I just wish I could remember whom by name. It was the owner of one of the holster companies whose names were recommended to me, when I asked for suggestion for a new holster in one of my posts recently. He got in touch with me via an email saying he would give me a holster to tryout and just asked that I blog about the product pro or con. I am pretty sure it was the owner of Dragon Leatherworks.

While I certainly appreciated the offer, I would not have taken the holster for a review. I don't do reviews on request and do not accept samples from anyone with an eye toward a review. When I review something, it is something that either I paid for, was issued (that is now in the past sine I m retired) or that was given to me as a gift. That is just a principle of mine but that is not why I did not get back to him. I forgot to get back to him and when I finally thought of it today, I realized I inadvertently must have deleted his email. No offense was meant, not snubbing anyone - just did it absent minded not purposefully. Sorry about that.

All the best,
Glenn B