Friday, November 19, 2021

Rittenhouse Acquitted - I Was Out Walking Skye... .

...about 30 minutes ago or so when I saw the news, here, that Kyle was acquitted on all counts. 

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall, so to speak, in that jury room. As it stands now, I am hopeful that at least a few in the jury will explain what went on during their deliberations which they are legally free to discuss - and get paid beaucoup bucks by the media - now that the trial is over. Of course, they are under no obligation to do so but my bet is that the defense has already tried to discuss it with them or will do so shortly if not done already and so will the media. My guess is as it was before, that it was probably only one or two jurors who were holdouts for a guilty verdict. I am guessing they were persuaded of his innocence after reviewing the information that was supplied to them last night or the night before, by the judge, as to what constituted self-defense.

There evidently is hope for America, our Constitution, our legal system and out right to defend ourselves. Justice was done. As for the media, they should hang their heads in shame for the lies they told about the defendant. As for the prosecutor, I believe he should face possible charges for prosecutorial misconduct. As I see it, he lied in his opening statement, lied in his closing statement, mislead the jury time and time again and disobeyed long standing legal precedents and the orders of the judge about those precedents at least a few times. There is no way that man should ever again be allowed to try a case. Just the fact that he charged Mr. Rittenshouse with illegal possession of a short barreled rifle without ever having measured the barrel showed he was coming at this case from a purely political point of view in my opinion and the other things I mentioned compounded the fact that he was not after justice but only the fame he would have gained had he been able to convict Mr. Rittenhouse.

I should note, the first verdict read was the key that all the others would be not guilty, that is if I have the layers and there roles correct. The count involving the death of Joseph Rosenbaum was the one Mr. Rittenhouse had to beat. Mr. Rosenbaum, if I got it right, was the unarmed man that he killed.He also was the one trying to go after Rittenhouse to take his rifle from him and who had said prior to that that he was going to kill Rosenbaum and another man if he could catch them alone. I think there could have been no question that Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself against the two others he shot - that those two shootings were in self-defense almost seem undeniable if tried by reasonable jurors. I believe that only the shooting of Rosenbaum was even faintly questionable by reasonable jurors but it was my personal belief, after hearing testimony, that shooting was most definitely self-defense. I have been wrong and right about such things before but would bet I am right on this one but only jurors openly discussing what went on in the jury room could confirm or deny my belief.

As for Kyle, I wish him the best of luck in the civil lawsuits that I anticipate he will,face. I also hope he will be able to get beyond the trauma of killing fellow human beings. He will likely forever, at least in some way, feel guilt for having done so no matter how justified was he. The other thing he will need to overcome is the mental trauma of an unjust prosecution. That it was emotionally destructive can be seen by his response to the verdicts. 

As for the defense team, my hat goes off to them. The small donation I made to Mr. Rittenhouse's defense was not wasted. I will forever wonder if the prosecutor was as inept and corrupt as he appeared to be or if he was in fact a supporter of Mr.Rittenhouse because I am of the opinion that he did almost as much as the defense team to assure that Mr. Rittenhouse would be found not guilty as did they. It is ironic but he may actually deserve some credit for Kyle's acquittal! 

Lest I forget, my hat goes off to the judge. He was spot on the way he handled this case and as to the legality of the issues at hand. He has a lot of courage as I think many judges would have allowed the prosecutor to get away with what I see, and I am certain the judge saw, as his misconduct during and before the trial. That he did not call a mistrial based upon prosecutorial misconduct but rather allowed the case to move forward which in the long run, with the acquittal, is much better for Mr. Rittenhouse. The judge, by upholding proper jurisprudence, probably painted a target on his own back at which one must fear lunatic leftists will take aim. He is undoubtedly a courageous and just man.

All the best,
Glenn B  

The Partial Lunar Eclipse...

 ...going on right now as I type and almost at its peak, over Texarkana, TX, right now is absolutely stunning. A small sliver of the moon looks its normal color and the remainder of it looks sort of Mars like red. There is only a small sliver of it that is not eclipsed. They say it is the longest partial eclipse in about 600 years. It began, hereabouts, at 0002 and will end at 0603. Six hours and one minute is a damned long eclipse! 
Hopefully it will be a good omen for Kyle Rittenhouse and will bring him verdicts all of not guilty later today!

All the best,
Glenn B