Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Having To Work In Retirement Sucks...

...but having to work for totally obnoxious arsehats while retired is misery almost unbearable. If I really did not need the money, that I will make over the next few weeks, to pay for this coming winter's heating oil, I would have quit my job today. Sadly my earnings for this week and last week will go toward paying for damage to another persons car that I hit a couple of weeks back and my pension is not enough to cover regular bills with heating oil thrown in to the mix. Sometimes you just have to bear it. Note that I did not say grin and bear it because I most assuredly am not grinning.

If you are working now at your first career, or even in a shit job before you get into a real career, let me tell you what I told my son in a text message less than hour ago:

"Save as much money as you can now, in an IRA or 401K (or whatever it's called) so when u retire, you won't have to work. Working fucking sucks once retired."

If I write more than that, right now, my head may explode despite the vodka cherries (my own concoction) I just had and the vodka I just drank. So, I'll stop now before my brains erupt all over my laptop.

All the best,
Glenn B.