Friday, November 13, 2015

An Urge To Visit A Mosque...

...came upon me out of the blue just now. Earlier, I read a report about Muslims attempting to burn churches and wipe out Christians, in Indonesia, on the orders of a Muslim cleric. Then, just a few minutes ago, I turned on the news and heard about the terror attacks in Paris, France.  All of a sudden, there I was with a hankering to attend a mosque during prayer services.

Oh well, I imagine it will pass but to tell the truth that seems the really sad part about it. It will pass though if only because I, like most of you, have morals. If I did not, if you did not, I think I or you would be in a crowded mosque tomorrow doing what now is almost unthinkable.

I would guess, sooner or later, someone will visit one and carnage will ensue. Once that happens the first time, morals or not, it will become easier for others to follow suit. In fact, it may be morality that drives us to it; I mean how long can we remain sheep who invite wolves among us to slaughter our own kind. It's coming, a  time we wake up and realize that Islam is the enemy. Whether that is right or wrong will not matter, what will matter is that these terror attacks cease . Yes, I am sure it will happen, it is just a marrer of when.

My thoughts are with they who lived through this and with the families of they who fell.

All the best,
Glenn B