Monday, November 6, 2006

Vote tomorrow...

...and do not let just any old excuse deter you from doing your civic duty. I know it is supposed to rain in the northeast, but I figure so what. I will still be going to work, so I will leave about 15 minutes early and head to my polling place. I have to get wet anyhow. Rain is one of the poorest excuses I have heard not to vote if only because people will still go to the supermarket, the department store, the pharmacist,, to rent a DVD, to walk the dog, and so forth.

Of course there are many other excuses, some good some terrible. For example if you are literally snowed in, well I guess that would be a good one, unless of course you have a dog team and sled or a snowmobile. If it snows a few inches, give me a break - get out and vote. Then you could get stuck at home because you are sick, as in you have the flu with a high fever; stay home please. On the other hand if you have a cold, get thee to thy polling place, just wash your hands really well before voting. Some will say they could not vote because they had other things to do, just look at the list in paragraph number 1. My bet is those same people will spend half the day in their homes or offices doing nothing. Voting is an obligation of the good citizen. If you don't vote you are not being a responsible or good citizen - period! Remember you can vote for whom you please on the ballot or off of it (by write in vote), so please don't try to say your candidate was not in the run.

I for one am sick of all the lame excuses that people use not to vote, when they go out and do other much less important things on election day. As the citizens of a democratic republic, we should all be voting if at all possible. Our futures, and the futures of our nation depend upon it.

All the best,
Glenn B