Saturday, February 18, 2017

Life Is Cheap - This Time A 9 Year Old Girl's

I wrote about it this past Thursday that Life is Cheap.

Yes, my life, your life, the lives of others are considered to be cheap in the eyes of thugs who are willing to kill people for a mere pittance. I used as an example an armed robbery in which, luckily, no one was killed. I said then, I could not fathom why they are willing to take the chance of killing someone for what amounts to a mere bag of shells. I think the same now as then especially in light of this example of life being cheap, the murder of a 9 year old girl during a home invasion in January.

The police always tell us not to interfere with bad guys and to give then what they want but when a useless piece of shit dirtbag has a gun to your daughter's head, and you don't have what they want, what are you supposed to do but what her father did. He saw an opportunity to free his daughter from the home invader's grip and he took it; too bad his daughter did not run to cover, as her dad had hoped, but hid behind her tower of strength, her hero, her daddy. He was shot four (4) times defending his little girl and relatives reportedly said that one of the bullets that hit him may be the same one that took her life. (Source:

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Yes, my mom was right when she used to comment Life Is Cheap while watching the news about the latest scum of the earth taking an innocent person's life. I did not understand it back then but I understand it now and it makes me grieve. I do not know if the mother of the little girl quite understands that is the attitude of the criminals who commit these crimes, they come armed and ready to shoot and don't give a damn about your life or that of your loved ones, not even if your loved one is an innocent young child. I do know though she must be a saint because she has reportedly stated, as per the linked article:

"I know, and I think everyone else knows, this wasn't his intention,'' 

And that:

"He didn't come in there and intend to shoot and kill a 9-year-old kid."

While I grieve for the little girl, I grieve mostly for her father and mother. He tried to do the right thing and defend her from a ruthless criminal but he will now undoubtedly live in agony while probably blaming himself, at least in part, for what happened to her. The mother will struggle with it too and may wind up going back and forth for years as to whether or not the dad was at fault. The thing is, he was not wrong - not one little bit. When a gun is to the head of your beloved child, how can you depend on the mercy of a man who is depraved enough to be holding it there when chances are he has never shown mercy in his lifetime and does not even understand the concept of the word.

RIP little one. My heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of the child. I hope they give him life once they find him and hopefully convict him. Then they should let the other inmates decide his fate once they find out he is a child-killer.

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