Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Made In USA - Feedback On Some Recent Online Orders

Yesterday, I received the Federal .223 ammo that I ordered last week from Cheaper Than Dirt. I have to hand it to them, they virtually always seem to get my orders right and deliver them promptly. I was going to give the ammo to my son as a Christmas gift but  just gave it to him now for him being him. He gave me several rides back and forth during my chemo treatments and he has been the one to whom I can talk to the most when I emotions have gotten all shot to hell by this cancer crisis. I just figured that he has been nice enough that he deserved a little something extra and this wound up fitting the bill. He was quite the happy shootist to receive it and quite surprised, I think, to find out why he got it now instead of for Christmas.

Today, I received the items I ordered, last week, from Smoky Mountain Knife Works. They got the order right too, which is always a plus. Now, I knew the Case knife that I ordered was made in the USA. All of their knives are made in the USA. That is a good thing and a good reason to buy from them at least now and again. Besides that being a good reason, they seemingly made high quality knives and that is one heck of another good reason to buy from them. There was a surprise in this order though and I am not one who usually likes surprises. The reason I do not like them is because they are all too often bad surprises. Surprisingly (was that a pun) this one was a good surprise.

The surprise was that the Ka-Bar USMC Fighting/Utility knife that I ordered was also made in the USA. Go figure, I had thought that Ka-Bar had given up making all but there highest quality knives in America. Well anyway, there was a another plus for Ka-Bar. When I say another plus, I guess the best plus for them is that they make this particular knife. I love them, I own 4 of them now, two full sized (as was this one) and two sort versions. Actually, Brendan owns one of the short versions and I( own the other. Of course, there was another bit of a surprise, the sheath was not made in the USA. That was made in Mexico. It is a sad case of affairs when crap like that has to happen, we really are losing too much of our production capabilities due to it being so much less expensive to do it elsewhere, but I digress. At least it was made in a country close to home and in one from which we are sooooooo lucky to have about 30 million illegal aliens living in ours. Yes, that being lucky part was a bit of sarcasm. Still though, I am quite happy the knife was made in the USA. By the way, that is not engraved on the blade. That info was on a sticker on the end of the box that said the knife was made here and the sheath was made there.

Smoky Mountain Knife Works also sent me a small token of their appreciation for having placed my order. It is an old fashioned can/bottle opener. Actually it may have been Case that assured I would get that little gift for having ordered a Christmas Trapper. I am not too sure if I am going to keep it for myself or put it into Brendan's Christmas stocking. After all, he is of legal drinking age and he does enjoy a cold one or three now and again and there must be some beers out there besides Heineken (which he is not a big fan of) that require a bottle opener. As for the can opener end, I kind of wish they went back to making cans like that so church keys would be a mandatory piece of bling to hang from your key chain. Yep, if I were to wear bling, that would be it for me.

Well, the orders both went through without a hitch. The merchandise is quality stuff and most of it was made in the good old US of A. You cannot get much better than that. You will excuse me now, I need to go find the Christmas wrapping paper and get that Trapper all dolled up.

All the best,
Glenn B
PS: Want to know how to get spam comments for your posts? Just go ahead and write up a post or two about something you plan to or have ordered, such as ammo or knives. No sooner had that post been up for just a few days and whamo, there it was a comment telling me, in the most general fashion, just how nice was my post. There was no indication that the person who left the spam actually read or liked my post, the comment was that vague. Well, whomever sent me that comment just assured I will not be making purchases from their company any time soon. Comment deleted. I write up posts about purchases I have made of firearms, ammo and accessories because I figure when I find a good supplier or a good deal why not share the source and when I get crapola service products, why not warn my readers of the same. I get nothing from the retailers or manufacturer's for that. It is not a service for them, it is a courtesy for my readers and something interesting for me to write about. Hope you enjoy such posts but please do not send me spam comments - they probably will be deleted.(I said probably because I seem to recall having let one or two slide over the st year or two if only because the comment that they left indicated they actually had read my post and were specifically commenting about my post as opposed to leaving a general all purpose comment just to squeeze in the spam.)