Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ammo Dealer's Starting To Shut Out New Yorkers

It comes as no surprise but still is a major disappointment, at least to me, that ammo dealers are starting to notify their NY customer base that they are about to discontinue sales, via the Internet, to the public in NY State. Today, I received the following email from AIM Surplus:

Dear Valued New York Customers,

In order to comply with the New York State SAFE Act (Effective January 15th) regulating the sale of ammunition, we must enact the following policy:

After Monday, January 6th, we will ship ammunition orders only to FFL Dealers or NY State licensed re-sellers of ammunition . We will accept orders from eligible consumers through Monday January 6th for immediate shipment.

As you know, NY State does not yet have the ability to complete background checks for ammunition sales. However, the state is requiring and enforcing the manner in which ammunition sales are transacted as of January 15th.

We greatly appreciate the continued support and business from the shooting community of the State of New York!

AIM Surplus"

Heil Cuomo the tyrant! The ammunition sales portions of the NY SAFE Act are kicking in as of January 15, 2014 and even though the state is absolutely not prepared to run, and is probably totally incapable of efficiently running, the required background checks for each and every purchase of ammunition, within NY, to the public, they are still going ahead with the requirement that ammo sales can only be done face to face by a FFL dealer or a registered ammunition dealer in NY.

As for the fee for background checks, they will start to charge that once the system is up and running. In the event you had not heard, the fee for the background check supposedly was to have been $5.00 per ammo purchase, then we were told it would go to $10 and now we have been told it may reach as high as $20 per purchase of ammunition. So, if I wanted to buy a box of the cheapest 22LR ammo that I could find, say maybe a $6.00 box of fifty rounds (at today's prices) I would have to pay $6 for the ammo, with sales tax added onto that and then either a $10 or $20 fee for the background check. That would be a total of $$26.52 for a $6 box of ammo!!!

Now get this: If I would want to transfer a firearm by way of a private sale, I would also have to get a background check run on the buyer and have it done by an FFL; however, the state is only allowing a dealer to charge a $5.00 fee for doing so while the state will be charging between $10 and $20 for what is in essence the same kind of a check but one run on the state background check system. Yes, run on the same system that is apparently less functional than the Obummercare computer system! That the state is going to charge up to four times as much as they are allowing FFL dealers to charge for running a background check is not only a blatant abuse of power, it is an outrage and quite possibly just another step closer toward the first shot of the revolution being fired. I am not advocating an armed and violent revolution against our government, federal or state, but I do not doubt one is coming and coming soon if things soon do not turn around drastically. It is also probably going to go a long way toward putting local dealers in NY out of business but I imagine that ammo sales in PA will skyrocket.

All the best,
Glenn B