Wednesday, June 1, 2016

We May Hike To A Glacier Today...

...instead of taking a boat tour of them. I had my sights set on one of the boat tours but this sad story put a damper on that. A father and son were killed in Glacier National Park when their tour boat capsized, four other folks survived. 

Chances are we will take a boat tour anyway but that story sure gave us something to think about - like only going out on one of the larger and hopefully safer tour boats.

All the best,
Glenn B

They Want Only What They Want...

...and truly don't give a damn about the country. Why else would 71% of Democrats in this poll want to vote for the Wicked Witch of Benghazi even if she winds up being indicted (source)! Granted, an indictment is not a conviction but it most certainly would be an indication of the existence of overwhelming evidence (in this particular case) of criminal wrong doing by the accused. Democrsts are, in my view, little more than spoiled brats who need to get it their way no matter what.

All the best,
Glenn B

Somebody Got A Bit Sloshed Ladt Night...

...drinking 5 or 6 ciders. He also went fishing at about 2300 (11PM) and why not since it was still light outside. (Yes the pic below was taken after 11PM.) Then he got lucky too. I figure most of his luck was that he did not fall off the dock or shore and drown but there also was some luck with substance to it. That second bit of luck came on his third cast when he hooked a Rainbow Trout (at least that is what he said it was). He had several other strikes but did not hook another one.

Brendan took this self portrait pretty much
intending to stick it in my face, which he did.
It looks quite a bit smaller than those we caught in Lake Lucille two days ago but at least it was a fish and one was better than none. Better than none, for him but not me since that one meant he was not skunked yesterday as was I. We went fishing earlier in the day at Byer's Lake and did not catch squat but then again we did not known then, that after the highway was built in that area in 1972, the lake trout population was decimated. Salmon come into the lake but fishing for them is prohibited. The lake trout were never restocked.

Screw you to the bastard who rented us the canoe and told us there were fish there worth catching even though I am pretty certain we mentioned trout fishing as our plans. He said no one ever catches them but he added others only rented canoes for an hour but we were sure to catch some great fish worth fishing for because we had rented it for at least 3 hours. So we fished for trout thinking they were in there. So far as Brendan could determine later, the only game fish in there are Burbot and we have no clue how to fish for them and as I said were hoping and fishing for trout. Still, it was a fun three hours of canoeing and we got to see a pair of swans, some ducks and a gull of some sort.

But I digress - once again Brendan has proved himself the better and more ardently dedicated fisherman than me. Maybe I can counter come this Thursday, the day we plan to do some halibut fishing out of Seward (which is where were are now).

No fishing today, we spent a few to several hours driving to Seward (road construction delays) but finally got here. It was a very scenic drive and we saw four (4) Moose feeding in a marsh along the way. So far, during the entirety of the trip to date, we have seen about 7 Moose, a few hawks, a couple of suspected eagles, an American Magpie, two swans, several ducks of different species, likewise for gulls and a single coyote. We have not seen any bear yet and as much as I would like to see one or three I am none to anxious for a close encounter.

All the best,
Glenn B