Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three Tragedies Within A Week

First Tropical Storm Sandy, then that most un-American of presidents gets reelected, then a nor'easter to add insult to injury. I have to wonder, didn't it bother even a few liberal twits and the so called independents, in NY, to find that after waiting in line for gas, possibly for a few hours and almost definitely not less than an hour, after Sandy had hit, that they had to pay upwards of $4.159 (the lowest price I have seen and that was last week, it is higher this week) per gallon of regular? I guess not since NY'ers voted for him by a wide margin. Oh yeah, why would that sway their votes, they are still blaming that on George W. Bush!

I imagine the piss poor response by FEMA, to the storm(s) and the lack of respoonse by most of the rest of the feds in the tri-state area, especially in NY and NJ is also Bush's fault, otherwise how could you explain the largest population of federal employees in any state (remember DC is not a state), and the largest population of federal agents anywhere, almost all having been told to stay home instead of being called into work to perform storm relief duties. You don't think that might show just a bit of lack of leadership and or concern coming from the White House's current occupant - do you!
Now imagine this, one week after the super storm, gas stations were reported as being operational, in the NY and Long Island areas, to the tune of  76% by EPA. That means that the EPA was reporting that 24% of area gas stations were without gas and or closed for other reasons (like no power). That was on Monday, the day before the presidential election. Today, on the local news, they reported that the EPA had, as of yesterday the day after said election, decided on a new way to determine if gas stations were closed and they increased the number of closed stations to 36%, up 12% overnight! They decided, just one day after the election that all the stations that they had tried to contact by telephone but that had not picked up the calls must be closed. Funny though, the day before the election they just totally ignored the fact that phones were not being answered for their poll of who was open and who was not and they counted them as being open even though no one had answered the phone then. What a difference a day (or a third world banana republic election) makes.
That same election is also going to make a difference in my ammo inventory. I will either order online tonight or tomorrow if my power comes back on. Yes, we are again in the dark and without heat at our house, I am at Starbucks right now. I am hesitant to enter my credit card info while using a public network. If power does not come back on, then I will head to the gun show in White Plains on Saturday and buy some there - no matter the price. I am guessing the prices will be sky high now that the best gun and ammo salesman ever has been reelected.
Luckily, I have enough gas in my tank to be able to drive up to the show. That is because I found an open gas station today and got to the pumps before they ran out. A buddy of mine had waited hours only to get up near the front of the line to find they were out of gas at the station he had gone to. As he pulled away, what did he see but the tanker truck pulling into the gas station to replenish its supply. What luck and I thought I had a black cloud. As for me, I probably could have made it, to the gun show nd back home again, on just the gas I had in the tank before today's fill-up. I had just over 1/4 a tank since my last fill-up about a week and a half ago on the Sunday just before Sandy hit.
Me and my family have been lucky. We had damage from Sandy, to our roof , gutters & leaders and a few other things but nothing all that terrible like some other folks who lost their homes. Today, I heard on the news, while listening to the radio in my car, that 8 out of 10 homes on Fire island, NY were destroyed.; not merely damaged but destroyed. Stories like that are coming in from all of the shoreline areas from southern NJ, through NYC, out through eastern Long Island. Yes, we were lucky indeed through both storms - just not with the election results. Romney would certainly have been no prize but I am certain he would have been better for this country than was and will be Obama by a long shot. More of a storm is coming.

I hope that the spelling above is none to messed up. I forgot my glasses at home and will admit it was tough seeing the print when I proofed it.

All the best,
Glenn B