Thursday, July 27, 2023

It's All Ready To Go But I Seem Cursed As THE Great Procrastinator

Yes, I have said it many times before - I am THE Great Procrastinator. For instance, I have bought guns that from day one I have intended to shoot and then a year or even years later, I come to realize I have not yet shot. Right now, I have an AK-47, that I traded with my son for cash and a Argentine 1911 knockoff (officially licensed by Colt). We did the trade probably at least 3/4 of a year ago if not a year or more ago. I have not fired it yet.
Me procrastinating is not always the case though. For example, I picked up three new pistols this week. On Sunday, I purchased a new Glock 26 GEN3. Then on Monday or Tuesday, I picked up two new Rock Island Armory (Armscor) Full Size, Tactical A1 1911 pistols from the FFL to whom they had to be delivered; I ordered them over a week ago from Palmetto Sate Armory. I decided, at least with the Glock 26, I did not want to wait, stall, put off, delay, or in any possible way procrastinate before shooting it. So, I got everything ready for a range trip to one of the semi-local indoor ranges - all of them are on the TX side of the border, there are no indoor ranges on the AR side near where I live as far as I know. I did that two nights ago and was going to hit the range yesterday. 

Well, that plan fell flat, there was just too much crap stuff I had to get done & out of the way before going to the range - like sleeping for about 4 hours yesterday afternoon as I had very little sleep the night before. I needed the sleep and figured that's okay because I would definitely make it to the range today. Yes, you guessed it - more stuff to do was piled up today because I slept through most of yesterday afternoon. Amazingly, I got what I had to get done today finished today; how is that for not procrastinating! Among other things, I had a doctor's appointment to keep, shopping that I needed to do, gassing up the car, dog care chores, watering the potted outdoor plants (man they are suffering in the heat around here), taking care of my tortoises, cleaning chores, administrative things to get done regarding personal issues, and so on.

So, there my range bag sat & still sits. It is waiting, along with an ammo can chock full of 9mm, .380 AUTO, .44 S&W Special, 45 ACP and 22 LR, to take a trip to the range with me. I was planning on shooting a few different pistols & revolvers and wanted all I needed ready to go. Then last night, I threw in some 45 ammo thinking I'd take the two new 1911s along as well. Well as far as those 1911s go, I never got around to cleaning them. They definitely need cleaning before shooting as they have a coating of what seems a lot like a new age cosmoline (yeah, the link is to a commercial page but it gives the history and uses of it) or maybe it is the real McCoy. The 1911 pistols can wait though to be cleaned or shot; it is the Glock 26 I need to shoot. I bought it to replace my aged Glock 26 that I bought many years ago and through which I have fired lots of ammo. That older Glock 26 is my every day carry gun or should I call it what fits it better: it is my main almost every moment carry gun but it will soon be replaced by the new one, that is if all functions well.

Now, I am hopeful that I will have the time to get to the range tomorrow and that I will have gotten a good night's sleep tonight, good enough to feel up to going to the range tomorrow without taking an afternoon nap. I still have not cleaned the 45s but that is okay, they can become my main objects of procrastination after my AK-47 that I have not yet shot. As a matter of fact, I may shoot only one of them and hang onto the other unfired to maybe sell or trade or not - time & whether or not it becomes procrastination will tell on that one. Since there are times when I can be quite spur of the moment (as in spontaneous) though, who knows, I may shoot them sooner than expected. The Glock though - that is another story and I not only want to get it done but really need to shoot a few hundred rounds or so through it soon to assure it functions properly and is suitable to bet my life on should things ever get nasty.

All the best,
Glenn B