Monday, June 21, 2010

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All the best
Glenn B

Mosque Near Site of WTC

I have watched videos by this gentleman before and liked them and so far I like this one best of all. In this video he once again makes sense about why we should oppose such things put forth by Islam. Pay particular attention to the planned name of the mosque and the history of that name. Also pay attention to when they plan to open the mosque. It is a crying shame that our politicians have bent over backwards to appease Islamists on this one. If it is built, we will have lost America and everything American that we held dear.

If you don't understand his final words in this video, "God bless the Kufar" look up the Muslim term Kafir (also Kufar or Kuffar) online. There was actually once a country called
Kafiristan. It is no longer called Kafiristan because it was conquered by Muslims (which is the history of what Muslims do time and time again to a country when they enter a non-Muslim nation) and they changed the name to Nuristan after slaughtering those who would not convert (or whom they saw as the opposition) and converting most of the remainder of the population once they feared the Muslims enough to bow down to their god. Think it could not happen today or not happen here. I think it is already happening and that the conquest is well underway though only in its late early stages. I think it began here years ago, it will continue but will not happen overnight. It will take years to be achieved, but it appears as if they are trying their best to conquer us and the conquest is well under way.

We can stop it. Vote the bums, who support a mosque near the site of the WTC, out of office. Before voting them out, contact your Congressmen and women and local NY officials to oppose this mosque. You do not have to live in NY to voice your opposition, if you live out of state you can let them know something like you will never visit NYC if this mosque is erected (they would sure miss your tourist dollars).

All the best,
Glenn B