Monday, March 31, 2014

March: In Like A Lion - Out Like A Wildcat

I would not have believed it had I heard weather forecasts saying it would be snowing today here just outside of NYC. Even now, that I have seen it coming down and starting to blanket the ground, I almost do not believe it. What is it with this winter amid all of this terribly earth altering GLOBAL warming that is causing it to snow over and over again and that has bveen keeping the temperatures much lower than normal. Oh, I know, I do, I do, I do. All the usually terribly cold an snowy weather that Australia suffers has moved into the USA because it is so warm down there now. That must be it.

Fuck Al Gore and the Global Warming conspiracy theorists.

All the best,

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Hair of the Dog That Bit You...

...or an early morning drink of whatever you had the night before, that gave you your hangover, is supposedly a hangover cure. I think though, to this tortoise it means something else altogether. Well, maybe not altogether different. After all, the dog is being a pain in the tortoise's neck and the tortoise is apparently biting the dog on his short hairs to make himself feel better but it sure doesn't make the dog feel too good.

Hat tip to Deb H for this one.

All the best,
Glenn B

Obama Fundamentally Changing The USA Into France II

One of Barack Hussein Obama's most revealing campaign promises was that he would fundamentally change the United States of America - he just never said into what he would change it. Well, as could have been expected, it appears to be a soft  (at the moment) tyranny, a welfare state, a socialist republic, a Muslim state, and maybe even into France II.

America, heed his warning, we are destined to go the same way as the French who are rapidly diminishing economically, culturally, socially and with regard to even remaining French.


What a shame but to be expected with an out and out extreme leftist in the seat of power.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, March 28, 2014

Demand Battery Registration With Confiscation As The Goal

Watch the following video, it may save your life (and I mean that most seriously). After watching it, why not also call your Senator and Representative in the House to tell them you demand that all 9 volt batteries (also known as assault batteries) be registered and that the ultimate goal should be confiscation of all assault batteries. See how they handle that one. I don't think they, not even the libturds, will handle it the same as registering firearms but you never know in this leftist version of Bizarro World where it seems we always want to blame someone or something other than the responsible party. I can hear them now with chants of ban assault batteries and the 9 volt is a killer. Next thing you know, they will change the definition of assault battery to include even triple A's and other batteries of lower voltage, then the registrations will begin in earnest.

I think I will send my representatives an email, demanding that they have all citizens register assault batteries, before I logoff of my laptop tonight (and I am being very serious here). I mean just imagine what a crazy nut job or a terrorist, let alone a homeowner, could do with one of those bad boys.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Did Some Shooting Tonight...

...and it was long overdue for me. The last time I shot must have been about 2 months ago. Tonight I went to the local indoor range. There were not many people there, I guess the spring like weather, with temps in the low thirties going down to the mid to low-twenties tonight kept them home. Screw Al Gore and his Global Warming scam.

Anyway,  I went and I brought along my Glock 26 and the Remington R1-1911. I did okay with the Glock and even better with the Remington. It was really a good idea for me to hit the range tonight considering I had not shot in a awhile and that I am going to my annual qualification tomorrow for my LEOSA (HR218) card. Since I can still hit the broadside of a barn, as well as a small paper target, at 25 yards with all the shots I took at it, I am confident I will qualify.

Tomorrow, I'll bring along my Glock 26 for the qualification and one of my Beretta 92FS pistols. It's about a 50 mile drive from my house to the range and takes up to an hour and a half to get there so I bring an extra pistol as a back-up because I don't want to have to make that trip a second time in the event the Glock goes click without going bang. I am fairly certain though that the Glock will not let me down.

Gotta go and make sure I have all my gear and enough ammo.

All the best,

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Joshua Miller - "Go Fuck Yourself"?

On March, Dan Bidondi of reportedly attempted to speak to Rhode Island state Senator Joshua Miller about the second amendment. Watch the video to hear the reply allegedly given to Bidondi by Miller who is an elected official of the shithole called Rhode Island (one of the original 13 states):

When it comes to Miller, if that video is true and correct, I would hold true to the saying: 'I would not piss on him if he was on fire' and let me add 'not even if he was begging for help'. I attempted to contact Miller via email through the contact link on his website but it was showed as having an "Internal Server Error". On a hunch, I kind of suspect that said error conveniently started just after the March 18th interview attempt.

Now tell me, did you see this on the national or your local news broadcast anytime since March 8th. Not me, I guess I must have missed it or was it that somehow a state senator telling a U.S. Citizen to go fuck himself miraculously did not make the news. Should I ever meet the senator, I would repeat his words directed at him, As for the cameraman saying it, if I ever see him I will tell him likewise and then stand my ground. Sniveling scumbag politicians and their pansy cameramen / henchmen should be made aware that the patriots among the citizenry do not give them one iota of respect.

All the best,
Glenn B

Men's Health Public Service Announcement

The following video is an English public service announcement relative to men's health. If you are a woman, you might want to watch too in order to someday be able to do your man a favor that might save his life. We here in the good old, but way too Puritanical, USA should have the balls to run such public service announcements on American television!

Hope you enjoyed it. Now men, get it done yourselves or, better yet, have your lady love do it for you  (if you trust her that much).

Just in case you are interested, the gal is Rhian Sugden, a lingerie model, from England and I am given to understand that she is 100% female since birth. She has appeared in Maxim, Loaded and Nuts magazines and also in the 2014 issue of Hot Shots Calendar("Fifty-percent of the money made from sales of the calendar and associated products goes to various UK and US military charities including Special Operations Warrior Foundation and Help for Heroes... {Source}). Gotta like that.

A hat tip to Rich M for that one.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Russian Has Invaded My Home

Not a mad Russian like Rasputin, not Czar, nor a Russian leader like Putin or a soldier or diplomat, not even a Russian citizen but definitely a Russian by name if not by origin. Truth is, this little Russian, a tortoise - Testudo horsfieldii or the Russian Tortoise (aka: Horsfield's Tortoise among other names) - could be from a number of places like: Afghanistan; Armenia (Armenia); Azerbaijan; China; Iran, Islamic Republic of; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Pakistan; Russian Federation; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan (source).

I got rid of 8 bearded dragons today and was able to pick this guy in doing so. The dealer gave me a 20% break from his asking price and I could not resist. I was hoping to get a sexed pair but the only females I saw were at another dealer than the one where I got this one. Those others looked pretty lame (closed puffy eyes, not attentive, not moving, limp necks or in other words like they were ill). So me having a pair will have to wait. The one I picked up was active, alert, eyes wide open, had no mucous or dried out secretions around the eyes, nostrils or cloaca and had a good body weight making me think it is on the healthy side. I am anxious to acquire a female so I can try a breeding project. In general these tortoises are from semi-arid to arid regions in the above listed countries. They endure fairly hot summers and long cold winters during which they brumate. In nature they eat what plants they can find such as grasses, weeds and broad leafed plants. Since they brumate for at least 6 months, and aestivate in the hot summer months, they have little time to achieve peak condition for breeding and eat as often as they can do so in nature. A sample of what they can be fed in captivity can be seen on the page at this link:

They are pretty easy to care for if some basic principles are followed. I have kept Hermann's and Redfoot Tortoises with some success and should have little difficulty, if any, with the Russians - certainly fewer and easier problems than Obama is having with Putin. If you are interested in keeping Mediterranean tortoises, the group in which the Russian Tortoise is a member, some basic care information for them can be found here:

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, March 22, 2014

LA Makes It Harder For A Ho To Earn Mo

What is a self respecting ho to do if she wants to better her financial situation by prostituting herself while on the dole in Louisiana? Thanks to LA state government she no longer will be allowed to pay for tattoos (to beautify her skin), visits to nail salons (to make it easier for her to hook customers with her painted nails), jewelry (to give her some extra sparkle) or lingerie (to prance around it while plying her street corner trade) . So, how in hell is she supposed to earn any extra money off the books and on her back (or knees) to support her own drug habit let alone buy high end Nikes for her 6 illegitimate kids! I like the new regulation and am also pretty impressed by the penalties for violations: "Violators of the new regulations will stop receiving welfare benefits for a year for a first offense, two years for a second offense and permanently for a third offense, according to the social services department." More here.  

If I was wearing a hat, I would doff it to the state of Louisiana! It's about time that someone puts a stop to totally wasting the tax payers' hard earned money there and everywhere.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, March 21, 2014


Anything But A - RINO Or A Democrat 2016

Copyright Glenn Bartley March 2014

ATT Customer Service - It Stinks!

I contacted ATT about  4 weeks ago because my cellphone was having problems. It took several attempts to see if they could get it working even after I told them I had tried everything they were telling me to do (I have had prior experience troubleshooting my phones). They finally admitted it was kaput. Somehow, they said that my phone was still under warranty even though it was a replacement under the insurance plan which phones I believe only have a 90 day warranty and it had been replaced more than 90 days prior. Anyway, I thought GREAT - better than having to shell out $50 through the insurance plan. What a mistake was that thought!

It took them over a week to send me a replacement phone and the replacement phone was damaged so I had to send it back. That, though, only after a customer service representative insisted that I had to first bring it to an ATT store to verify it was damaged. She argued I could not mail it back to ATT without first proving it actually was damaged. After a way too long discussion with her, I just refused and she relented - since she had been wrong in the first place. I later complained about her during another call to ATT and found she had not made arrangements to ship me a new replacement upon ATT receiving the defective replacement phone.

So, in a third call, I both complained about that witch and arranged for a new replacement phone to be sent to me once ATT got the old one. That took another 3 weeks or so until all was said and done. Then, yesterday, I had the new replacement phone, activated. It came with a new SIM card and needed to have my ATT address book numbers transferred to it. The customer service rep told me how to transfer numbers from my ATT Address Book to my new replacement phone. Funny how that did  not work.

I called them again today and tried to have a rep walk me through it. He did several times and then told me that somehow all the numbers in my ATT Address Book had disappeared. Then he tells me he will check another way if I give him my sign-on and password. I politely refused to give him my password, just as ATT and any other reputable company tells you to do if asked for your password by their employees, and he apparently got a bit pissed and starts sort of reprimanding me as to how he is only trying to help me and asking me for my password over and over again. If I said no once - wasn't once enough!

You have to wonder, or at least I wonder, if he just told me that the numbers had been deleted, why is it he needed my password since they were not there for him to acquire anyhow. Anyway, I just politely refused, said goodbye and later tried online as he said he was going to have done had I given him my password. Oddly enough the numbers were gone making me again wonder why he wanted my password.

Customer Service with them had been horrendous, then got a bit better, but seems to have again fallen into a deep and dark abyss. My solution will be to just say screw ATT. When the wife's contract expires, I am changing to Verizon. That is in about a year or so but I can wait. My son's contract (on our Family Plan) will last for longer than that but he is about to find out that he will be paying for his own account, that single line, once my wife's contract expires. My phone's contract expired well over a year ago.

ATT customer service, in my opinion, is terrible; it has been one case after another in a continuing saga of lousy customer service I have received from them over the past year or so. Yeah, there have been some good instances of service from them too but the bad far outweighs the good.

All the best,

Our Educators = Mindless?

Once again education in the USA has come to the forefront in an embarrassing way, this time relative to the zero tolerance policy that most schools have in effect regarding student possessing weapons. While I can understand, but not agree with all reasons, why educators may not want weapons in a school, I am totally befuddled by the actions of Bayside Middle School. It was there that 6th grader Adrionna Harris reportedly took a razor like blade away from another student who had been cutting himself with it. She then threw it away and notified school staff (source).  In the world as it used to be she would have been hailed as a hero for quite possibly having saved a life but in today's world, that more resembling Bizarro World than anything else, she was suspended with a recommendation of expulsion.

Take this a step further, imagine a crazed shooter entering the school with a dreaded full auto BB gun and advancing on students and faculty alike with evil intent. If another student wrested away the gun and saved students and staff from being shot in their eyes - would she too face suspension and termination. Its absolutely crazy to not only think it could happen but to know it is exactly what is happening. Our educators have drunk from the same source as one another and it's definitely not Kool-Aid they are drinking unless it has been laced with something that has turned them into mindless automatons. And to think, they are educating our children - that is scary.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Outstanding Pistol Grip Techniques

Take a look at this brief video which will give you a look at a few different techniques used to grip a pistol while shooting. Can you guess which ones I try to avoid? I think the pink ear muffs made the whole thing especially when combined with the bad ear muffs insult.

They had me laughing so much I almost fell on the floor. Thanks to Matt Steele of Matt Steele Outdoors for posting this on YouTube and allowing for it to be shared.

All the best,
Glenn B

Mmm, That Bacon Cheeseburger Was Excellent

It had been way too long since my last bacon cheeseburger. Since I said 'had been', you can rest assured I have remedied the situation. Stopped at a local bar/restaurant this afternoon with she who must be obeyed and her mother. I ordered it pretty much the way I said I was craving one in my previous post on the subject. It was delicious. The burger fit almost all of my criteria: Medium rare, greasy, smothered with sautéed onions and melted cheese. Instead of a grilled buttered roll, it came on a lightly toasted English  muffin. Yes there were fries and a sour pickle and some coleslaw too. It was one of the better burgers I have had in years and sure hit the spot. The only thing that could have made it better would have been a good beer o wash it down but no alcohol for me for the rest of the day due to me being anesthetized to get scoped today, oh well, there is tomorrow I suppose. 

Oddly enough, the wife and mother-in-law also each had a burger. I say oddly because my wife does not usually opt for a burger but this time my craving seemed contagious and both she and her mom ordered one. They both liked theirs, I think equally as well as I liked mine. Thems was some darned good eats.

By the way, we ate at TR's Great American Restaurant (aka: TRs Pub). They have a full bar both downstairs and upstairs and seating for dining on both levels also although it's more of a bar downstairs and more of a restaurant upstairs. I usually opt to eat (and drink) downstairs like we did today. Great place, excellent service and staff, delicious food, good menu, and really nice owners.

All the best,
Glenn B 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


...that is all!

Bacon Cheeseburger On The Brain

I have been driven nuts every time I have smelled someone in my house cooking  or otherwise preparing and eating food today. With all the varying schedules, that has been about 6 times already. All of the different aromas brought only one thing to mind though, something like this:


Sadly, I have to wait until about 3PM tomorrow before I can eat again - after I am scoped. You can bet though, I will be disobeying doctor's orders, no Jell-O or soup for me when that time arrives unless he cuts something out. Then I may have to wait yet another day but one can hope.

All the best,
Glenn B


...and I'm not talking about a rifle either and it will be from both ends. Ouch. I've had this in the past a few times now and, just before they knock me out, I always tell the doc to make sure he goes in the mouth first because I don't want to wake up with a bad taste in it. Right now, all I am thinking is that Magnesium Citrate and Movie-Prep are both evil. Oh, and that I sure could use a bacon cheeseburger right about now.

All the best
(wishing that for myself as much
 as for you all right now),
Glenn B

Sunday, March 16, 2014

If I Could Attend - I Would Attend This Church Next Week

In one week, on March 23, 2014, Grace Baptist Church at 612 4th Avenue in Troy, New York will be giving away a NY SAFE Act compliant AR-15.

It will be given to one lucky person who attends their 10AM service. It's not a raffle and not a fund raiser - it is a giveaway. You have to be there to win and have to meet certain eligibility requirements found on the page at this link:

I cannot make it there but if I would have been able to make it, it 's possible there just might have been a chance that they could have brought me back to organized religion with thinking like theirs. Go to the site at that link and read up on it. They certainly seem to be true patriots as far as I can tell.

All the best,
Glenn B

Bought Some 50 Caliber Ammo Cans Recently...

...and filled all but one of them today with ammo that I have had laying around in shipping boxes, in other containers or loose. That helped straighten out the man-cave just a bit and also gives my son some kindling in the form of cardboard boxes for his smoker and his fire pit. I have to look around, I seem to be missing some ammo I thought was laying around. There is a chance I already put it in a can or in my ammo locker but if it is still out and about, I would rather have it stored properly in a can or the ammo locker. It's not a safety issue, at least not in my place, it's just that it will keep longer if stored better.

I was pretty surprised that it took 7 of the 8 cans I just bought, to put away my ammo this evening. I sure did  not realize I had that much ammo that was not already in cans or in the locker. Planned on using maybe 4 cans and selling or trading the others but that isn't about to happen now. Decent ammo cans, and brand new too - not surplus. I got them from Gander Mountain for a decent price too at $119.40 shipped, with tax included. That was the sale price of $14.99 apiece and also included a $10 off &  free shipping coupon code. Lately, up this way, new ammo cans have been going for $20 plus tax ($21.73 each with tax) and that is the least expensive price I could find on them at a local store. The cheapest surplus ones have been at gun shows for at least $15 apiece.

As for the ones I got, I do not know the manufacturer but they are supposed to be DOD spec. Gander Mountain advertised them as Crow Shooting Supply M2A1 .50 Caliber Ammo Can Item #732803 (now going for $19.99 each). I
tend to think that Crow Shooting Supply does not manufacture them. As I said though, they seem pretty nice.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Aeriel View Of Malaysia - Shows Amazing Detail

Using Google maps to take a quick look around the area of Malaysia, I zeroed in on a spot at random.


Funny coincidence how much the white area to right in the pic looks like a wing (about 30 feet long, throwing a shadow onto ground) and then directly to left of it, about 800 feet away is another patch of white resembling a tail section of a plane, it is about 12 to 15 feet long. No, I am not saying those are parts of the missing Malaysian Airliner, I figure it is merely coincidental how much they look like aircraft parts and were in the first area I looked at on Google Maps. The people searching for that plane sure have their work cut out for them.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, March 14, 2014

Lost A Decent Knife Today

Shame on me, I lost a knife today due to my own fault. I went out to the NY State office building in Hauppauge this morning for a job interview. I emptied my pockets into the tray to go through security, including a Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife. The guard told me I could not take it inside. Since I was almost running late for my interview, I think I had all of 4 or 5 minutes to spare, I asked if they would hold it there and he said no. I politely asked again explaining I did not have time to bring it back to my car on the other end of the parking lot because I had an interview; he still refused. I then asked where there was a trash can so  could throw it out and he called over a supervisor to dispose of it. I asked the supervisor if he could just keep it in their office until I returned and he said no that he had to throw it out if I did not want to bring it  back to my car. I let him dispose of it as time was ticking and I did not want to be late for my interview (the potential of getting the job being worth more).

I should note that I had also asked if I could go through the trash to retrieve it, after my interview but he was adamant I could not look for it and they could not be held responsible for it. Oh well, force of habit had me stick it in my pocket this morning. Live and learn by way of wake up calls and screw-ups like this one.

Since it was the version with the corkscrew, as opposed to my other Huntsman without the corkscrew (BSA version lacks the corkscrew), I will have to order another so as to have the one with that vital piece of hardware.

All the best,
Glenn B

Drawstrings & Firearms - A Potential For Disaster

Back in January, I wrote a blog-post about the potential of drawstrings being a problem when handling and holstering weapons, see:

Today, I received an email with a video attached that showed just how serious a problem a drawstring can pose when holstering a handgun. The video depicts a man who has holstered his Glock pistol and then tries to adjust his jacket after the pistol is secure in his holster. Luckily for him, the resulting gunshot wound appears to have been a graze.

Click the link for the video, sorry it would not allow me to embed it:

While this accident happened with a Glock, it could have happened with a wide variety of pistols in various types of holsters. It might even happen with a revolver in certain types of holster. In addition, not only could it happen by pulling up on the jacket, just holstering a pistol, with the drawstring caught in the trigger guard, could potentially cause the gun to discharge if the draw string was taut not allowing enough slack for the gun to go into the holster with the trigger being pulled. The best thing to do would be to avoid clothing with drawstrings, or cut off drawstrings, that could interfere with the trigger. If you have clothing like that and do not want to cut off the drawstring at least be very careful to assure that the drawstring does not interfere with the trigger or any other operating part on your firearm.

As for this particular incident, all the blame goes to the guy who shot himself. You may think that harsh considering how the gun was fired but I am a stickler for firearms safety and the guy handling the pistol was not following safety protocols. First of all, when the gun store owner handed him the pistol the customer  accepts it while it is apparently pointing at the store owner, then he immediately places his finger on the trigger, then he handles the pistol and points it at his own hand seemingly pushing the muzzle into his hand, then after he draws and holsters his Glock (without looking at the holster as he holsters the pistol) it appears to be obvious to him that something has caught his jacket right in the vicinity of his holster. What he was thinking, when he tugged on his jacket without looking to see if it had somehow become snagged by the pistol he had just put back in the holster, is beyond me. Judging by his other three instances of unsafely handling the pistol (just moments before) I would have to guess that maybe he was not thinking at all. That is a major problem when people handle firearms, THAT THEY DO NOT THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING.  He most assuredly should have been using those little gray cells a bit more effectively as far as I am concerned. In fact, I think he should have looked at his holster when holstering in a non-confrontational situation or at least gingerly felt around his holster to see why his jacket suddenly was caught up on something. 

Then again, he was probably never before informed about such a potential hazard nor trained in what to do should he holster a weapon and then feel something was not right with clothing adjacent to the holster. I realize it was obviously an accident and while it certainly could have been avoided I also understand how it could have happened to anyone. Yet, I still fault this guy because he already had at least three other firearms handling strikes against him as apparently seen in the video and, in my opinion, he evidently was not paying as much attention to what he was doing as he should have been doing. Anyway, let that incident be your wake up call - when handling firearms - be attentive! My guess is that he has learned his lesson, I hope you learn from his misfortune before causing any for yourself.

A hat tip to Peter Q for the email with the video and for taking the time and making the effort to share that with others who carry firearms.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Missing Malaysian Airliner - A Theory You Have Not Heard On The News

Although I was a federal agent for just over 32 years and have had some experience investigating terrorists and additional experience flying as an air marshal, I certainly am not an expert on missing airliners. Yet, I have a theory of my own as to maybe why they have not found the missing Malaysian Airlines jet. My theory may be so much balderdash but then again I would bet my bottom dollar that authorities, at least intelligence agencies, are considering the outside possibility of it as I type; if they are not, then they are bigger fools than I thought.

I am thinking it possible that the jet was hijacked by terrorists. Note, I said hijacked - I did not say blown up, crashed into the sea, or otherwise destroyed. Now here is my what if. What if it was hijacked by terrorists and the terrorists who hijacked it had a plan to steal it so that they could use it as a weapon in the future. In other words, they hijack the aircraft, they then fly it to a secret location where they store it. While in storage they repaint it to appear to be from a different airline. Then, at their convenience, they have it take the route of a regularly scheduled passenger airliner and crash it into a building or heavily populated area. They could easily plant a bomb on the scheduled flight and destroy it without anyone suspecting foul play because the stolen jet would appear to be the scheduled flight and would be headed for the destination of the scheduled flight.

Crazy right? Maybe crazy but then again perhaps not so crazy. I sure hope it is crazy though because I am hoping that the terrorists are not in the process of doing just that and catching us unaware once again. While the authorities are searching sea and land for a wreck, maybe they should be searching for a clandestine airstrip that could accommodate that sized jet liner.

As for the passengers and crew on the aircraft, any way I look at it, I fear the worst has befallen them. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

All the best,
Glenn B

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Arsehat of the Week

Watch the video, listen to her words. Then, you should be able to immediately figure out why I have given her the status of Arsehat of the Week. (That may have to become a regular weekly award on my blog.)


In fact, she may be the arsehat of the last 400 years or so. (That was a hint in case you missed why she won the Arsehat of the Week award although you could get partial credit for picking out something else she flubbed.) She is most assuredly one of the laughingstocks of Congress. Amazingly, she somehow keeps getting reelected even though it seems obvious to me that she has the mental capacity of an ignoramus. I suppose that says as much about her voters, and about leftists in general, as it does about her.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Politicians Want To Take Away Guns For The Good Of America

Let's face it folks, it has got to be true: Politicians and other government officials who are in favor of gun-control only want to control and then take away our guns (yes that is their ultimate goal) for the safety of all Americans. It has finally struck me that there could be no other reason. I mean, think about it, what other reason could they have for gun registration, assault weapons bans, magazine size limits, ammunition restrictions, not allowing guns into government buildings and confiscations?

What's that, you have a question! My advice to you is to answer it yourself after reading the Declaration of Independence.
A hat tip to Jim McK for the poster.
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hi My Name Is Glenn - I Am An Addict

I haven’t bought any ammunition for almost 2 months now. I am still catching up on my debt because of all of it that I bought in the few months leading up to the implementation of the NY SAFE Act’s ammunition sale restrictions. While I guess I really don’t need any new ammo right now anyway, the thing is, I am having still craving buying more and more of it. I keep looking for ammo deals and worrying whether or not I have enough put away to last me through a nuclear winter, a zombie apocalypse, an invasion by the Chinese, an invasion by the Canadians, DHS trying to wrest control of all of the ammunition in private hands, our president trying to destroy the Constitutional Republic that was once the USA to instill a tyranny, or whatever other crises may arise. I repeatedly go onto websites to search out ammo deals even though I cannot buy ammo online unless I have it shipped to a dealer in NY who can then transfer it to me after first running a background check on me (of course that meaning he will charge a fee to do the check and to do the transfer). I start counting the cash in my pocket each time I hear about a good price on a caliber that I shoot. I am hoarding what I have in stock, I can’t bring myself to go to the range to shoot any of what I currently have in storage. I am an ammo addict and I know it. Am I going to change, hell no - at least not regarding the desire and need to stock up on more ammo. A trip to PA is in my near future to search some out - maybe at Cabela’s or at an upcoming gun show in the Keystone State. I need more ammo!!!!!! ;>)


All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, March 8, 2014

On Marriage...

...there is a lot that can be said for marriages that are not working out the way newlyweds had hoped they would work out but this one song says it all:

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, March 7, 2014

MA Tourism Gets Mega-Boost

It's an overnight sensation, tourism in the Bay State has quintupled overt the past two days. State officials are at a loss to explain it. Well, maybe not so much at a loss to explain it as possibly too embarrassed to try to do so. The reason seems clear, as clear as the upskirt shots allegedly taken by Michael Robinson. (While the above was written with satirical intent - and the bit about tourism is totally bogus - the essence of what I just could have come true had MA state legislators not acted quickly.)

Robinson was reportedly arrested in August 2010, " Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) police for allegedly using his cellphone to take pictures up women's skirts." On Wednesday, the MA Supreme Court ruled that Robinson had not violated the law by taking upskirt photos (pervs around the world may well have been rushing to MA over that ruling). The ruling was made because the peeping Tom law that was used to prosecute him is not applicable to victims wearing clothing.

"Justice Margot Botsford wrote that a female passenger wearing a skirt or dress is “not a person who is ‘partially nude,’” referring to so-called Peeping Tom laws protecting people from being photographed or recorded when nude or partially nude." (source)

So, Tourism in MA will not likely get a boost though, at least not from pervs. The quick acting state legislation passed a law, yesterday, specifically banning the taking of upskirt photos. Truth be told though, how quick they were is debatable. Washington state reportedly changed its laws about 10 years ago to prevent a similar loophole and other states like NY have had laws on the books specifically targeting upskirt photography. (source)

All I can comment about it is that Jay G no longer needs to worry about MA pervs and their prying eyes and camera lenses should he visit MA while kilted.

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Glenn B


Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Morning / Afternoon Job Application

I've spent part of the late morning and most of the afternoon, so far today, filling out a job application. I don't mind applying but I sure hate it when I get sent an application that needs to be filled out in ink. You would think, in this day and age (the 21st century already), that applications would be sent to applicants in fillable PDF format. Instead, I got what appears to be standard forms and at least one photocopy of an application form, all that either need to be filled out by hand or typewriter. Maybe the heavens know where I can find a working typewriter available for public use but I sure don't, so I filled it out by hand.

Oh well, it has to get done if I want the job and I do want it even if it is full time. It will give me something to do and will be a nice supplement to my retirement annuity. (if I get it). Wish me good luck please.

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Glenn  B

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Over 20 Dead and Scores Wounded Before Police Arrive

It is being reported that a group of knife wielding men, dressed all in black, entered Kunming Railway Station, in China's Yunnan Province, and began a stabbing frenzy. Gunshots ultimately rang out, apparently putting an end to the melee, but only after the police arrived on the scene. The police reportedly shot 5 of the attackers.

A total of 28 dead (possibly including 5 attackers) and 160 wounded (depending on which report you read) were the result of this attack. Imagine if the people of China had been able to exercise their right to keep and bear arms and had at least some of the intended victims been able to defend themselves and others with firearms. If that had been the case, chances are the attack would never have taken place, but in China, just as in schools and places like theaters in the USA, citizens are barred from possessing firearms and become easy and defenseless targets for madmen.

This is just one reason that every citizen and legal resident alien within the United States of America (and citizens of the world at large) should be able to exercise their right to keep and bear arms and to defend themselves and other innocents.


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Glenn B


Could Your Woman Use a Dickens Cider

A hat tip to Rich M for this one.

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Glenn B