Friday, March 14, 2014

Drawstrings & Firearms - A Potential For Disaster

Back in January, I wrote a blog-post about the potential of drawstrings being a problem when handling and holstering weapons, see:

Today, I received an email with a video attached that showed just how serious a problem a drawstring can pose when holstering a handgun. The video depicts a man who has holstered his Glock pistol and then tries to adjust his jacket after the pistol is secure in his holster. Luckily for him, the resulting gunshot wound appears to have been a graze.

Click the link for the video, sorry it would not allow me to embed it:

While this accident happened with a Glock, it could have happened with a wide variety of pistols in various types of holsters. It might even happen with a revolver in certain types of holster. In addition, not only could it happen by pulling up on the jacket, just holstering a pistol, with the drawstring caught in the trigger guard, could potentially cause the gun to discharge if the draw string was taut not allowing enough slack for the gun to go into the holster with the trigger being pulled. The best thing to do would be to avoid clothing with drawstrings, or cut off drawstrings, that could interfere with the trigger. If you have clothing like that and do not want to cut off the drawstring at least be very careful to assure that the drawstring does not interfere with the trigger or any other operating part on your firearm.

As for this particular incident, all the blame goes to the guy who shot himself. You may think that harsh considering how the gun was fired but I am a stickler for firearms safety and the guy handling the pistol was not following safety protocols. First of all, when the gun store owner handed him the pistol the customer  accepts it while it is apparently pointing at the store owner, then he immediately places his finger on the trigger, then he handles the pistol and points it at his own hand seemingly pushing the muzzle into his hand, then after he draws and holsters his Glock (without looking at the holster as he holsters the pistol) it appears to be obvious to him that something has caught his jacket right in the vicinity of his holster. What he was thinking, when he tugged on his jacket without looking to see if it had somehow become snagged by the pistol he had just put back in the holster, is beyond me. Judging by his other three instances of unsafely handling the pistol (just moments before) I would have to guess that maybe he was not thinking at all. That is a major problem when people handle firearms, THAT THEY DO NOT THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING.  He most assuredly should have been using those little gray cells a bit more effectively as far as I am concerned. In fact, I think he should have looked at his holster when holstering in a non-confrontational situation or at least gingerly felt around his holster to see why his jacket suddenly was caught up on something. 

Then again, he was probably never before informed about such a potential hazard nor trained in what to do should he holster a weapon and then feel something was not right with clothing adjacent to the holster. I realize it was obviously an accident and while it certainly could have been avoided I also understand how it could have happened to anyone. Yet, I still fault this guy because he already had at least three other firearms handling strikes against him as apparently seen in the video and, in my opinion, he evidently was not paying as much attention to what he was doing as he should have been doing. Anyway, let that incident be your wake up call - when handling firearms - be attentive! My guess is that he has learned his lesson, I hope you learn from his misfortune before causing any for yourself.

A hat tip to Peter Q for the email with the video and for taking the time and making the effort to share that with others who carry firearms.

All the best,
Glenn B


Unknown said...

Firearms have the advantage and also have disadvantages. It should be used only for security purpose. Firearm seller should make sure that gun should not sold to criminals.
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Glenn B said...

Even though your comment has virtually nothing to do with the post on which you commented, I decided to publish it anyway. I am curious to know why you think that firearms should not be used for any other purpose than security. I own several firearms. Some are used for hunting, others for plinking and target shooting and others for defensive purposes. Why do you think that I should use them only for security purposes?

I am also wondering about why a seller of a firearm should not sell a gun to someone who has committed a crime. I understand if you mean not selling a gun to someone who has committed a violent felony but I certainly do not agree that someone who has committed who has committed a misdemeanor or lesser offense should be barred from owning firearms. For instance, should someone be convicted of disturbing the peace, or of a moving violation, should he or she be barred from owning a gun? If that is what you are thinking, what is the bases for it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Unknown said...

Glenn i agree with you that guns can be used for hunting or for target shooting. But now days crime is increasing and most crime are done with the use of guns. Therefore guns not to be sold to person having any criminal record. Guns can be owned only for safety and for target shooting.