Saturday, October 15, 2016

First Drive

I was hoping drive the new Corolla to the Hessney Auction House Geneva, NY very early this morning. I dragged my aching bones out of bed at about 0230 to try to get up that way by 0800 but it just wasn't happening. I was too tired and too achy to try a 5 hour drive, in my brand new set of wheels, with only about 2.5 hours of restless sleep. So, back to bed I went. I crawled out of the sack again at about 0800, turned on my laptop and made several bids online (turned out none were the high bids). 

Then I grabbed my oldest Remington 870 and some things I needed to hunt squirrels and turkey and hit the road. I took a leisurely drive toward the Cascade Valley State Forest in the town of Windsor, NY near where my uncle once owned his farm. I stopped in Roscoe, NY to get some #4 shotshells, deer lure and chocolate fudge. I noticed their shelves were almost bare of ammo and they had very few guns for sale where they used to have a fair sized assortment. When I left and walked up the block, I think I saw the reason - a gun store across the street and thus competition. That may not be the reason but I suspect it as such.

Only got to the state forest just after 4PM leaving me about two hours and 20 minutes to hunt. I wasn't in the woods all of 5 to maybe 10 minutes at most whenI bagged a nice fat busy tail rat. That should taste delicious but I hope to add a few more to the bag tomorrow because a nice few in a stew in the pot would taste better.

I am staying the night in Binghamton, will go back to same state forest to hunt tomorrow and after that to my brother-in-law Hans' place for the night. I will likely hunt there on Monday for deer with my crossbow. Then back home on Tuesday or Wednesday if I do not wear out my welcome.

So far the new car has run like a charm although while it has some new doodads, I must say they cut back on some things they should never have eliminated that had been in the 2005 model. Oh well, such is progress or so the progresives think.

All the best,
Glenn B