Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Advice From Moonpie

 Moonpie being yet another guy on a gun forum. His advice of a day or three ago was to start buying magazines (as in those that likely will be banned if that seemingly leftist, child petting, racist, women's hair stroking, klan loving, segregation opposing, China loving, nepotism promoting, gun hating POS Biden actually gets into the oval office - this time as top dog - which by the way is my opinion of Biden, I have no clue as to Monnpie's). It probably would not be long before he puts out some executive order to criminalize them & to confiscate them (or should the Dems take the Senate - before a ban is enacted into law). Illegal - probably as all heck but if he or the Senate does it and if his minion obey, think of the hassle trying to reverse it - it could take years if not decades. I also recommend hiding a good number of them if he gets in - just in case of whatever - mind you not to do anything illegal.

I already ordered another 10 aluminum, 30 round, AR15 magazines by Bushmaster from Numrich (aka: GunPartsCorp.com). Not a bad price at about $108.00 shipped from NY to TX. Note, if you look for them they show a much higher price until in your cart and it has to be the offer for a single lot of ten of them, not ten that you put in your cart by inputting the number ten into the little 'number of items' box. I suppose I may as well post the link, the one showing the sale pirice: https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1437110A. 

Recently purchased Beretta 92 series mags and ordered some Glock 19 mags; now to look for some steel 30 round AK mags. It evidently is coming folks - be ready - the left apparently is out for retribution for the four years in which they were denied their goddess of sorts - Hillary Clinton.

All the best,
Glenn B

A First BB Gun For Christmas (or whenever)

 Here I go with another gun forum related post, second in a row.This is my reply to a parent thinking of getting either an Air Soft gun, a manually cocking B gun or a CO2 powered BB gun for his/her child. A few to several other forum members chimed in that a manually cocking BB gun is too difficult for a young child to cock (the child will be around 5 1/2 years old at Christmas).

This was my reply, advice I lived by when teaching my kids almost anything: