Monday, October 19, 2015

Actually NY State Required Background Checks...

...for ammunition purchases long before California thought of it. Then NY suspended that requirement - probably only until they can get their own BG system up and running. In all likelihood that would be because they discovered that the NICS system does not allow for checks to be run on purchases of ammunition and of course NY State almost undoubtedly expected the feds to bend over backwards and run the checks for them. NY's governor Cuomo attempted to make it look as if he was giving in some on this but my bet is that he realized the state had absolutely zero capability to run the checks. More info on the NY requirement here

Regardless of who was first, California politicians are now calling for background checks to be run for ammunition purchases. More info here.

Buy ammo now in bulk - it may soon become an endangered species!

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Oh My, Is Her Thumb On The Trigger?

No it's not, it's in the thumb hole where it belongs (if she is a lefty). Then again, who cares and who would have noticed had I not said anything about it!

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Good Deals On 9mm JHP Ammo

Widener's has IMI9EXC 1000Rrd Case of IMI 9mm EX-STAR HP Ammunition $219.00 / 1000.

I think that is a darned good price for 9mm JHP ammo but there is a catch. I am pretty sure that is pretty hot ammunition that was manufactured for use in full auto weapons like the Uzi SMG; however, according to the Widener's site, and this is a quote:

"This is ammunition has a very hard primer and it designed for the full sized pistols. It does not work well in the sub compact 9mm pistols."

So, I guess, if you have a large frame 9mm, this stuff might be good ammo for it at a very good price. See: 

I was not certain enough about it being safe in pistols, or in fact designed for pistols, to want to take a chance of it through any of my guns, so I looked elsewhere.

I found that Target Sports is offering Federal Law Enforcement 9mm Luger Ammo 115 Grain Hi-Shok Jacketed Hollow Point $15.99 per box of 50, same price per box even if you buy a case of 1,000 rounds. Shopping around, considering both price and shipping fees, that was the best price on it that I could find. See:

I have shot it before and like it and it's price. I also like what I have heard about it. I ordered some of 115 grain Hi-Shok JHP in anticipation of replacing ammo Brendan and I will be shooting at the bloggershoot in West by God Virginia this coming weekend.

They also have it in the standard non Hi-Shok round @ $14.99 per box, Hi-Shok 124 grains @ $15.99 per box and 115 grain +P+ @ $17.50 per box

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