Monday, October 19, 2015

Good Deals On 9mm JHP Ammo

Widener's has IMI9EXC 1000Rrd Case of IMI 9mm EX-STAR HP Ammunition $219.00 / 1000.

I think that is a darned good price for 9mm JHP ammo but there is a catch. I am pretty sure that is pretty hot ammunition that was manufactured for use in full auto weapons like the Uzi SMG; however, according to the Widener's site, and this is a quote:

"This is ammunition has a very hard primer and it designed for the full sized pistols. It does not work well in the sub compact 9mm pistols."

So, I guess, if you have a large frame 9mm, this stuff might be good ammo for it at a very good price. See: 

I was not certain enough about it being safe in pistols, or in fact designed for pistols, to want to take a chance of it through any of my guns, so I looked elsewhere.

I found that Target Sports is offering Federal Law Enforcement 9mm Luger Ammo 115 Grain Hi-Shok Jacketed Hollow Point $15.99 per box of 50, same price per box even if you buy a case of 1,000 rounds. Shopping around, considering both price and shipping fees, that was the best price on it that I could find. See:

I have shot it before and like it and it's price. I also like what I have heard about it. I ordered some of 115 grain Hi-Shok JHP in anticipation of replacing ammo Brendan and I will be shooting at the bloggershoot in West by God Virginia this coming weekend.

They also have it in the standard non Hi-Shok round @ $14.99 per box, Hi-Shok 124 grains @ $15.99 per box and 115 grain +P+ @ $17.50 per box

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