Saturday, November 29, 2014

Coast PX25 Flashlight

The Coast PX25 LED flashlight is far superior to any other small flashlight I have ever used and it has an excellent price for a high quality light. I purchased one at Home Depot when I needed a flashlight fast; had never heard of the company but took a chance. Well, I had it for about 3.5 - 4 years until I lost it recently and am using a backup light I had around - one that I used to think was excelent - that was until I bought the Coast PX25. The old and reliable backup is good but is actually far inferior to the PX25.

The Coast PX25 has an aluminum body, gives off 208 lumens, has a claimed 6 hour 15 minute runtime, a bull's eye spot beam with a 128 meter (419 feet) beam distance (also a nice amount of light out to the side of the beam, so it is good for navigating around in the dark), is impact and water resistant, weighs 4.2 ounces, is 4.7 inches in length, uses three (3) AAA batteries (batteries are included), has a rubber covered end-cap on/off switch. They come with a lifetime warranty too. If I recall correctly, it also comes with a nylon belt case but don't hold me to that.

My impressions were (I say were because I lost mine recently): It is a very bright light and the batteries lasted a long, long time (and I can attest to over 4.5 hours run time before I changed batteries (did not have to do so but changed them to be on the safe side). A strong point of this light is that it has a momentary on/off option which is essential in tactical situations, it also has the typical click on/off for continual operation. It is obviously shock resistant as I dropped mine several times with no ill effects and is also definitely water resistant as I dropped mine at least once into a puddle that completely enveloped it with water and it kept working perfectly. It is an excellent size for on the belt or in the pocket carry (also note that in the few years I owned mine I think it inadvertently only got clicked on once while carried in my pocket). The fact that it uses three AAA batteries means batteries are easy to find and inexpensive to purchase. The PX25 sells for about $40 apiece and I think that is a bargain.

All else I can say is that since I lost mine not too long ago, a Coast PX25 LED flashlight is on my wish list for Christmas this year (hint, hint).

For more info on it or other Coast flashlights, see:

All the best,
Glenn B