Monday, July 15, 2013

So The BSA Will Apparently Accept ...

...a scout into their ranks who sucks on the private parts of 10 twinks a day but not one who sucks down 10 Twinkies a day. Well, that is how it appears to me anyway. I think there is truly something wrong with the BSA when they not only accept gays into their ranks but seemingly will tolerate gay scouts in the tents with other young boys (starting next January) all while not allowing obese scouts to participate in their current jamboree.

Putting gay boys in with other boys may well encourage more cock sucking and ass pounding sex between underage minors - not exactly why I would want to send my son to a scout camp but I suppose different strokes for different folks. Preventing the obese from participating in physical events may well only help demoralize them and thus probably help expand their waste lines.  Don't we want the obese to exercise - or have I been confused by all the stuff I have heard about them needing to do just that. Maybe it is that the management of the BSA would prefer these boys lose weight by sucking twinks instead of cutting back on sucking down Twinkies and getting some good wholesome exercise at their jamborees; that would say more than a mouthful about them - don't ya think!

If I understand these BSA policies correctly, then I think that those in charge of the BSA, who voted in these policies, should be ashamed of themselves and should resign.


A Totally Flabbergasted,
Glenn B

It's Not Just Obama...'s all of the politicians who want to legalize them that suck. Yet, since Obama is at he helm, I must say, this billboard is excellent. Fuck Obama.

All the best,
Glenn B