Wednesday, January 21, 2015

No Work Today... I am going to go do some 'enjoyable' things with the rest of the daylight I have available today. First, I am off to the village offices to pay a parking ticket before I forget and they up the fine and make it much less than enjoyable Then I am off to spend money doing some food shopping, I always love playing bumper cars with other folks at Costco or the supermarket. Then I think I will be going to the gym in my most recently commenced attempt to shed some pounds and to get my triglycerides and blood pressure down. I started the work-out crap again last week after too long of a hiatus. However I look at it though, that's all better than working or dealing with identity theft and much of my last two days has been given to the later and one day to the former.

Who knows, I might even be able to squeeze in a range trip (something I really enjoy) although I think the likelihood of that to be minimal.

Later 4 U,