Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Major Development In The Boston Marathon Bombing?

I heard it on Fox News (read it there too) out of the mouths of both Hannity and O'Reilly, that had been a major development in the search for the Boston Marathon bomber(s). Yet earlier in the day, I read, on CNN online, that the FBI had dropped interest in the two suspects at whom they had been looking. Now wait a minute, according to Fox, the FBI has published pics of the two guys and is saying that one actually left a backpack at the scene of one of the explosions and that the two guys were following one another around the area. What the fuck is going on. On these guys suspects or not or is it just that the friggin' media cannot get it right!

Okay, let's say the media I finally reporting what the FBI is actually putting out and I heard it right on Fox tonight. (Mind you I am not saying Fox is getting it right and CNN wrong. My guess is that this afternoon Fox also reported that the FBI had lost interest in the two suspects and that tonight CNN is also reporting that the FBI has now put out there photos for all to see to help catch them.) Back to what I was saying, let's just say, for the moment, that the media is getting it right as to what the FBI is saying and that the two guys whose photos have been appearing online, in the news on TV and elsewhere, are the actual suspects. If so, tell me why isn't the FBI giving out other photos of them?

Without a doubt, unless these two guys are ghosts, there are plenty of other surveillance camera pictures of them on the same street, on side streets and where ever else they walked away from the scene.That is the world in which we live, especially in ultra liberal cities like Boston. Surveillance cameras are everywhere- remember DHS was giving them away for free and just about every private company worth more than a couple hundred thousand bucks also has them on their property (which would be almost every building in the area of the bombings). So why are there not any other photos of these guys as they walk away, maybe give one another the high -five, or smile at one another, or get into a get-away vehicle with each other, or even go though CBP checks prior to boarding a plane to leave the country. I just do not get it. Are those few pics and videos, of them walking along in tandem, always followed mind you, in the released videos, by the gal in the yellow jacket with the very full day pack, all the videos and pics available? No they are not because they say they saw one of them leave a backpack behind at the scene of one of the blasts. Why are we not seeing that. Why are we not seeing others videos of them. Once again, the government, while asking for the help of the public, is being less than forthcoming with what they could be showing us without jeopardizing the investigation. Believe me, I they truly think these are the suspects then showing all the videos of them is not going to jeopardize anything, except maybe the lives of the suspects and the FBI has already assured their lives are in jeopardy by releasing those videos. So why the fuck all the cloak and dagger crap, why not just be forthcoming and tells us what they have to really involve us in the hunt for the terrorists.

I will tell you, the answer is plain and simple. I think it is because they truly do not want our help but want to appease the public, no that is wrong. What they are doing I teasing the public and fooling the people into believing that they can be of help. It is, I think, political bullshit. I could be wrong on that and hope I am wrong, very wrong, but that is what I believe right now. Maybe they really think those are the guys. Maybe those are the highest quality pictures of the suspects and they figured those are the best to release. I hope so but then the Atlanta bombing comes to mind and so does a security guard who spotted a suspect backpack and reported it to authorities and tried to clear the area. The bomb exploded anyway, killing at least one woman and injuring many others.  Remember him. He did the right thing and was immediately labeled as the prime suspect in the case by the FBI. He was Richard Jewel and his life was ruined by authorities who, because he provided information, labeled him as a suspect, put out press releases about him being the suspect, searched his home (more than once as I recall), placed him under constant surveillance, questioned his friends and associates, (as I recall)made his own mother doubt he was innocent, and just ruined his life forever because they were too inept to see the truth in their over zealousness to capture the guilty party at any cost, even at the cost of one man's innocence. The FBI and Georgia Bureau of Investigation went so overboard in their portrayals of Jewel as the suspect that the media (who probably did not need much help anyway)  portrayed him as a wanna be hero who planted the bomb, then alerted authorities to make himself appear the hero. Television personalities such as Jay Leno called him "una-doofus". Or was it that the FBI was not overzealous but was inept at the investigation and just wanted a fall-guy and found one ready made in Mr. Jewel? Could it be the same thing is going on today. I hope not.

Shit, I hope they got it right this time around. I hope that those two guys are at least suspects based upon the findings of excellent investigative work and some strong physical evidence. Considering the size of a pressure cooker, and the amount of space it would fill in either of the backpacks each was shown to be carrying, I have to wonder. Remember the gal, I mentioned earlier, the one in the 
yellow jacket who can be seen following the suspects in each of the video clips I saw on Fox News? Her bag looks more like one that might have an over sized load in it, take a look for yourselves. (once at the link, click on the first set of photos and the video will come up, for some reason I have not been able to embed videos from Fox over the last week nor link directly to them - must be a lib turd plot).

God help them, both the FBI and the reported suspects, if the FBI has gotten it wrong this time.

As I said though, I really do hope they got it right. I hope they have indeed identified them and are that much closer to hunting them down and swiftly bringing them to justice but to tell the truth, I have to wonder! 

All the best,
Glenn B