Monday, April 23, 2012

.45 Auto - The Ammo Order Is In

What good is my brand spanking new Remington 1911 R1 without .45 Auto (aka: .45 ACP) ammo for it? Absolutely none except maybe as a paperweight, a sinker or a doorstop.

Truth is I do have a store of .45 ACP on hand but I do not want to break-in the gun with high-end JHP rounds; I'll do that with the 250 rounds of Blazer Brass, 230 grain, FMJ rounds I just ordered.

I also added 250
rounds of Federal Classic Hi Shok JHP, 185 grain, rounds to the order. I have to say that the price on each seemed pretty good - I ordered from CheaperThanDirt. Every other place  checked, and I checked several ammo dealers, had the Federal Classic at $3 to $4 more per box of 50 and it was pretty much the same for the Blazer Brass ammo too except all the places I checked had that ammo at about $5 to $6 more per box of 50 rounds. Funny thing is, even Cheaper Than Dirt itself had that same ammo at a much higher price since they offered it from two different warehouses. Cheaper Than dirt Warehouse A had it for 16.69 per box but under Warehouse B they had it listed at $21.51 per box! That was a $4.81 difference, per box, from the same dealer.

As for my old standby for ammo sales, I have just about given up on the since a recent bad experience I had with their customer service. As far as I am concerned, it is my opinion, that they blatantly refused to honor their satisfaction guarantee. That, added to the fact that I think their pricing is way too high as compared to Cheaper Than Dirt, has put me off on buying from them at least for now. 

As for this current order from Cheaper Than Dirt, this is likely the last ammo I will be buying for the rest of the year because my saved up good time funds and tax return have been totally depleted. (Yes ladies, I spent some on the wife too.) That is, no more ammo buying, unless I get a job soon or unless start selling guns or other stuff that I have around the house. I do not think I am about to start selling guns and I do not have a lot of saleable stuff around the homestead so, I will have to find a job! Speaking of jobs, I have been looking; I put in for another 8 jobs today, or was it 9. I lost track but it was at least 8 applications today. Having a paying job would sure go a long way to feed my shooting hobby even if only part time work.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Hypocrisy Of The Left About Gas Prices

Watch this video, the one that I found over at the Feral Irishman and blatantly lifted to post here, though I am sure that Pissed will not be pissed off at me for doing so. This one needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Sure, you know it already, that the leftists, the hard core Obamessiah supporters do not fault him for high gasoline prices and oil prices as they did Bush. The thing is, do all of your family and friends and neighbors and coworkers know it? Have them watch this video, and if they are on the left, ask them to rationally explain why it is that high gas prices are now seen by the left as a good thing, to be welcomed as constructive, job creating and life saving under Obama; yet, they were seen as something to be feared and loathed, because they supposedly were the height of corruption and would essentially lead to the destruction of America, under Bush!

In all of my lifetime, I have never seen a president, an administration or the left as hypocritical as they are now. Mind you, I did not much like the liberal policies of President G.W. Bush (such as bailouts and the Patriot Act) and for a rating as a president I thought he was only fair (at best). I will say this for him, at least he was not a blatant hypocrite on just about every policy that he spoke about as seemingly is President Obama. That is he biggest difference I see between the left and the right. I have not met a leftist anti-big business type yet who does engage in the free market economy and purchase and then use cell phones, designer coffee products, or things like brand name clothing (all produced by big business), when they can get them - who does not take every opportunity to travel by car when they can get a free ride (produced by big business and that use oil and products) - who is not just as greedy as anyone, might be on the right, who supports big-business and the free market economy! They just want to make believe they are fundamentally different. The only true difference I can see is that they want to be in control of every aspect of our lives and will stop at nothing, well certainly will not stop at merely being truthful, to accomplish that.

If you don't think that is a fair and justified view of the left, then please answer me these questions: Where are all of the people, on the left, who should be condemning Obama and his lack of policy on oil and gasoline prices? Why are they not screaming at the top of their lungs that he is supportive of the oil companies and thus corrupt since oil prices are higher than ever under his watch? Where is Cindy Sheehan and all of her cohorts and Code Pink, all who vehemently protested the wars during the Bush administration; I mean have all the peaceniks suddenly become war mongers? Obama has kept each war going although he promised to shut them down virtually as soon as he would become president. Instead, he continued even enhanced many of the policies of his predecessor (such as the surges). Where are the liberals who strongly protested the Patriot Act, the same act that Obama continues to use. Where are the protesters about Obama signing into law an presidential order allowing the U.S. government to seize whatever property you own for government purposes without compensation or due process? Where is the outcry from the left about the government now being allowed to detain, arrest, hold (in the U.S. or on foreign soil such as in Gitmo) indefinitely without due process American citizens if the government says, without evidence, that they are enemy combatants or terrorists? Certainly they would have branded GWB as a Nazi had he signed that one into law; but Obama, they see him as wise and prudent for having done so! Where are those on the left demanding, as they did under GWB, that Obama shut down the detention facility at Gitmo? Why is the media not condemning Obama, at almost every turn, as they did Bush? The list could go on and on.

The hypocrisy is there whether or not you want to believe it and it is blatant. I am far from conservative on many issue and quite conservative on others. I am much more the libertarian than a conservative but when and if it comes to making choices between  conservative as opposed to liberal candidates, I almost defintely would choose conservative ones almost every time. The left and its sickening and America destroying hypocrisy just makes me want to vote for the other guys.

All the best,
Glenn B