Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember, Remain Vigilant, Stay The Fight

Remember the events of 9/11/2001. The next time you curse out a TSA employee for delaying you catching your flight at an airport - think of the burning towers, think of the Pentagon, think of the words "Let's do it" spoken by a hero leading other heroes in the air above a Pennsylvania field. The next time you think that armed police officers in a subway station, or around Wall Street, or anywhere are overkill, think about what these bastards want to do to us next, and remember that 9/11 was the second al Qaeda attack on the World Trade center, not the first. The next time you are irritable because a Customs or immigration Officer takes longer than expected examining you at the border, and the next time you are upset hearing that we want to stop the flow of illegal aliens across our borders, remember these scum came across our borders disguised as 'legitimate' immigrant and non-immigrant aliens. The next time you think that our taxpayer dollars are being wasted on overkill when it comes to the global war on terrorism, slap yourself silly and remember that on this day September 11 in the year 2001, the largest, I repeat "the largest" loss of life in a single attack against the United States of America (that would be us folks) took place, and it took place here on American soil, by an enemy who was inside the gates, and enemy who lived here within our borders, who were educated on how to complete their attacks on us here by our own educational system, and who has vowed to stop at nothing until they have either destroyed us, or until they have converted us to their brand of Islam.

As time goes on old wounds heal. Our enemies are counting on this. They counted on it the first time around when they attacked the World Trade Center in a bombing attempt in 1993, and then waited 8 years before attacking it again in 2001. They are banking on the fact that as time passes we will become complacent because our government has made us safer. If we are safer, our enemies know we will want to relax instead of keeping up our guard if only because always being on alert is a tough way to live. They are counting on the fact that as we feel less and less threatened our memories of the terror fade away, our anger will subside, our will to unify as one nation and protect ourselves by fighting tooth and nail to defeat our enemies will weaken. They are right, it is happening, it has happened to a great degree. Many complain day in and day out that our vigilance against terrorism is nothing but political, many say we should withdraw from Iraq before the war is won, others have said there is no such thing as a global war on terrorism because there is no global threat of terrorism, others - just plain folk - bitch and moan on a daily basis about losing rights, about airport delays, about how they empathize will illegal aliens, and about how we should pander to Islamic Extremists. Others, probably the vast majority, stand idly by and do nothing one way or the other. It is a disgrace. Still though, most of us will never completely forget, most of us will have become toughened and determined, and many of us will remain on the alert and ready to give our lives to protect what we have and to defeat this common enemy of our nation. Remember the events of this day in 2001, and remember that the price of Freedom is perpetual vigilance and the determination to do what it takes at risk of losing all to stay Free. I assure you that virtually every first responder who lost their lives on 9/11/2001, that those in the plane over the fields of PA who followed a man who said "Let's do it", and virtually every serviceman and woman, who has lost life or limb since then protecting our country believed just that; and there are millions more of us who think the same way.

All the best,
Glenn B