Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lee-Enfield Update 2

I was hopeful this morning when I saw that the Lee-Enfield I wanted was still shown as available on the Classic Arms website and that the site had been update, since I last looked at it, and was dated as current for today. I called them right away only to be told "They are all gone but we have other ones". I did not want another one not in as good a condition as the one advertised.

I called again one more time to make sure that the lady who told me it was gone would realize I had called yesterday leaving them a message asking them to hold it for me. Again I got the same first half of her reply "They are all gone". There was only one shown as a rifle of the day so how they are all gone is beyond me. That was a big disappointment. I do not know if I want one that was not in as good a condition as was the one they advertised, nor do I know if I want to buy from a place advertising something for sale that they no longer have in stock and then have them tell me they have others ones not in as good a condition. That is called bait and switch and it is not a good business practice and I would hope not what they were doing.

Edited to add: When I got back to my apartment after work, I checked the website again. The ad for the Rifle of the Day was gone, so maybe it is not bait and switch after all, at least not done intentionally, and it just took them quite some time to remove the ad. Hopefully they will find another in like condition, advertise it, and I will be the lucky one to get it.

All the best,
Glenn B