Thursday, March 9, 2017

American Unity Day

How about we have a monthly American Unity Day held by U.S. Citizens & Legal Resident Aliens. On those days, every U.S. Citizen & Legal Resident Alien should refuse to go to work, refuse to purchase anything (and thus pay zero sales tax), rally in support of American Unity and write to their Senators and Representatives in Congress to say that they oppose illegal aliens being allowed to remain within our borders. How nice that would be and I would bet it would be more effective - than any: Anti-Trump Rally, anti Christian protest, LGBT parade, Women's Day or any day at all wherein illegal aliens decide not to work - at getting the attention of every politician within this country. Of course, one of the objectives would be to have every day as one without illegal aliens.

I'd like to see it done once, let alone monthly, but I know it likely will never happen because, unlike the leftist slugs in this country, most U.S. Citizens and Legal Resident Aliens who might like to do so would be too busy with their responsibilities. You know what I mean - like by working, or doing other things, to support themselves and their families while being productive members of society.
All the best,
Glenn B