Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Epsilon Morons Employed By Brave New World Colleges

I work, part-time, for a company that is contracted by the U.S. government. The government required a full field background investigation of me. I was notified today, that finally, after about 7 months, the investigation was completed. I was also notified that I stand to be found unsuitable for the position because the college I attended, and from which I received my Bachelor of Science degree, says it has no record of me receiving a BS degree from it.

I am going to the college tomorrow to look into this and to obtain an official copy (or three) of my transcript, and maybe have them send one directly to the investigator. Not all that long ago, around the time I was applying for my current job, I recall getting an official copy and submitting it to whomever it was that requested it. The thing is, I cannot recall if it was for my current job or for another job for which I applied around the same time. Of course, I do not have a copy of the official transcript because they gave it to me in a sealed envelope. Should I have opened it to make a copy for myself, my opening the envelope would have destroyed the integrity of the official transcript.

I sent the investigator a copy of a 'student copy' of my transcript. That may or may not suffice for the investigation; however, even if it is good enough, I still have to go into the college to straighten out why they told the investigator there is no record of my undergraduate degree. You may find it hard to believe that the registrar's office, of a well respected college (at least it used to be), could not find it. I do not find it difficult to believe at all; I have prior experience with them doing the same thing before. They had some difficulty finding it when I went there in person to pick it up last year and at first they told me there was no such transcript and I did not receive a BS degree from them. I do not recall the exact problem they had but definitely remember the only reason there had been a problem was because someone who must have graduated college as Summa Cum Laude after majoring in the science of being an Epsilon Moron was the person looking for it. I hope someone with at least half a brain searches for it tomorrow when I get there, that should make it so much easier all around. If not, they may get to see a savage side (a real person, read the book)that they usually hope to avoid in folks with whom they deal.

All the best,
Glenn B

Something About Women With Their Fingers On The Triggers...

...of guns at inappropriate times just seems to pique my interest. Maybe you can look at these images and tell me why that is so. I know, and you should know, that one of the cardinal rules of firearms safety is that you never put your finger on the trigger unless ready to shoot, with some exceptions, but these gals don't seem to be in any of those excepted situations. I guess it just irks me enough, to see these shots of them with their fingers on those triggers, at inappropriate times, that I needed to share the photos with you to help educate or remind you about firearms safety.


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