Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Shout Out Of Respect & Admiration...

...for the special agents of Homeland Security Investigations, ICE, DHS who have volunteered to go on temporary assignments in Houston for disaster relief.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, August 28, 2017

I Love It When I Do Well At A Gun Auction...

...and that is just what I did this month at the Hessney auction on August 12th. I bought two firearms that day, both were shotguns. One was a Remington Model 31 pump gun in 16 gauge that I blogged about shortly after the auction in this post.

That one is an oldie, manufactured in December 1947 as far as I can tell, and a goodie. It is also a keeper, I think at least for awhile of shooty goodness. Then, who knows, maybe I will give it to my son or maybe not - time will tell.

Back then, I was not as revealing about the other shotgun I had picked up that day. I mentioned that I had gotten another gun in the post about the Remington 31 but that was pretty much all I said about it except that more would be revealed I the future. The reason for that was that I had been thinking of giving it to Brendan as a birthday present later this year and wanted to keep it under my hat until I decided for sure what to do with it.
That one was an as new in the box, unfired, Mossberg 9200 National Wild Turkey Federation Banquet edition 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun, manufactured in 1994 as far as I could tell. After doing some research on it though, I figured I would sell it. Anyway, it was just too damned pretty for me.


I wound up posting it on just over a week ago but had no bites or bids and relisted it yesterday. I was in no hurry to sell it and was fairly confident it would sell there within the next month with hunting seasons upcoming in short order. Regardless, in order to increase my chances, I also listed for sale yesterday on a local gun forum. Here is how I described it in both ads when I put it up for sale:

"Mossberg 9200, National Wild Turkey Federation, Banquet (as per box label), 12 gauge, semi-automatic, shotgun as new in box. Has 24" barrel, vent-rib, gold colored (plated?) trigger, and engraved receiver. Box label says synthetic stock but it looks like wood to me. It accepts 2 3/4" and 3" shells. Includes four (4) Accu-choke II (?) choke tubes. Note, it says Accu-Choke on barrel but Accu-Choke II on box label. Tubes are: XTRA FULL, FULL, MOD & IMP CYL. Also includes choke wrench, manual and original box (with bar code label that has matching serial number to gun). This gun has never been fired. It is in excellent condition with the following minor cosmetic issues: Small scuffs on right (shiny) side of bolt above handle. Extremely small ding on top front of stock. Very small ding to spacer between recoil pad and stock."

Within just a few hours, of listing it on the local gun forum, I had an offer on it. The deal went through today. The offer came unexpectedly quick and that was good. The buyer maintained good communication, was amenable to working with me essentially around my schedule to meet me to do the sale; that was great since I am working all week. The buyer showed up on time, had cash in hand and loved the gun - that was the best - well almost the best. It could not get much better than that or so one might think. It does get better though. I spent x amount of dollars, in total, on both the Mossberg and the Remington back on August 12th at the auction. The price I got for the Mossberg today paid for both of them with about $4.00 left over to put in my pocket. So, I basically picked up the Remington Model 31 for free and have almost enough left over for a box of shells for it. That my friends has made me quite the happy shootist and a very happy auction bidder too.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, August 27, 2017

That's My Boy...

...and I am proud of him. Well, he is really quite the man now and a good man at that. The reasons I am proud of him are many but tonight I am a bit extra so. He just told me that he volunteered at work to go on a relief mission to the hurricane devastated areas in Texas. Whether or not they select him to go, I will remain proud nonetheless simply because he did the right thing to volunteer. He certainly did not fall far from the family tree, even though he moved to AR, and as I had always hoped he has since a young age cultivated some very good principles in his lifestyle. 

All the best, 
Glenn B

Saturday, August 26, 2017

My Favorite Picture Of Andrew Cuomo... which to throw darts. In fact, it is my only picture of him. Used to have another one but that one just got too peed on in my bowl and would not stick to the side anymore.


I don't quite know why but using that picture on my dartboard seemingly gives me incentive to throw amazingly better. Of course, I mean no actual harm to Cuomo but I guess it is that his politics and all things he represents are seemingly so disgustingly anti-American and anti-Constitutional as to make it an excellent 
dartboard add on.

All the best,
Glenn B

Christians Around The World Rampaging...

...Because A Bible Was Burned" was not among the headlines this week after a group of women and men allegedly set fire to a bible in PA last Monday. More at the source. On the other hand, had it been a quran that was publically burned, instead of a bible, you could probably place a safe bet that Muslims around the world  would have exploded with anger, fury and extreme violence lasting at least days if not weeks.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Think My Last Post Facebook Is Being Scrutinzed...

I copied and pasted a post, very similar and essentially the same as my most recent previous Blogger post "If I Self Identified...", to Facebook several minutes ago. While I can still log into FB, since that post, I cannot see any of my previous Facebook postings including that latest one. Instead, I see this:

Posts from 2017


That has been ongoing for about 10 minutes or more by now no matter if I refresh the page or sign in anew with another window. Oh well, life goes on and it will go on with or without FB if that is how it winds up.

Edited to add: Maybe I am too cynical because now I am seeing this:

"Facebook Will Be Back Soon
Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few minutes. In the meantime, read more about why you're seeing this message. Thanks for your patience as we improve the site."

Of course, maybe that is showing up while the Facebook Grand Inquisitor reviews my post to see if my further existence on FB is warranted or need be terminated under their arcane and twisted rules relative to tolerance.

Edited Once Again: Back on FB now so maybe it was just me being to cynical.
All the best,

Friday, August 25, 2017

If I Self Identified...

If I self identified as an Islamic, black, transgender hermaphrodite of Asian origin with Hispanic attributes who claimed to be an indigenous person of North America, who also was a commie sympathizer, who wore Che tee-shirts and who first supported Bernie and then Hillary but yet was also an avowed supporter of the RKBA and was a firearms enthusiast who voted for Trump - would the leftist screwballs in antifa, blm and the mud slinging media still hate me? I suppose so.

Just ...wondering because I want ever so much for there to be love and harmony in the world yet still want to be ready to defend my family, myself, my nation and her Constitution against all enemies just in case all that Utopian love and harmony does not materialize in my lifetime!

In fact, I am fairly certain they would still hate me, it surely seems evident they do just that already and nothing will change it. So, fuck them if they hate me and why bother becoming a leftist loon of a self loathing white male and then claiming I am anything but who and what I already am.

All the best,
Glenn B

He Is Going To Fire One Off Sooner Or Later...

...and when he does what if it's aimed at us. I am talking about the psycho leader of North Korea who has ordered more ICBMs be built (read more at the source). 

A launch of a live warhead, I think, will likely catch us with our pants down thinking it is just another ICBM test. By the time we figure out it is for real, do any of you think we will actually intercept and destroy it without it's warhead going boom! Not me, so I think we should take him and most of his generals out before it is too late.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, August 24, 2017

As Opposed To Enjoying August...

...and my retirent during this month, I have been working the past three weeks and was busy the first  few days of the month. So as far as having to work goes, good for me and mine because we need the money. Then again, bad for me in a way because I wanted to scout hunting areas this month. 

Since I have had little free time yet this month, I had made plans for trips for next week and the following one. Then, earlier tofay, I found out they need me to work for the next two weeks and a day after tomorrow. I said I'd do it, we need the money and will have some left over for our savings. That is a good thing but it still sucks as I will miss the first week of early bear season. I planned to do deer scouting and if lucky stumble across and bag a bear. I suppose that will have to wait until Septrmber 12, my first day with  no work scheduled.

I'd much rather have won at Poweball and then have been able to quit work but as it is I'll make the best of what work I can get.

All the best, 
Glenn B

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I May Never Buy Another Gun Made By Savage Arms...

...but that all depends on how they handle my current situation with them. 

I have owned an old Savage rifle in 22LR and and old Savage 12 gauge both of which that I wound up selling and still own a Savage Axis XP in 308 and a Savage Model 93 in 22WMR (both bought new).

I sent the Model 93 into Savage Arms for repairs back in late June. It was not feeding reliably, in fact it was feeding terribly when doing so at all, and the mags were loose as all hell when in the mag well. They finally got it sent back to me a few days ago and it looked as if they fixed the problem with the mags having been loose. I am guessing that may alao have fixed the feeding problem but I refuse to test fire it until they address some issues new to the rifle since I sent it to them.

Yes, I am saying it appears they fucked up my gun while they were supposed to be repairing it. Here is a list of things I found wrong with it when I got it back from them and mind you those prpblems were nonexistant when I sent it to Savage Arms:

1) The shoulder portion of the stock is badly scratched, gouged or cracked. The more I look at it the more I am convinced it is a crack. The crack runs into the butt plate. 
Crack free stock on June 27th, the day I sent the 93 to Savage Arms.

The stock as it appeared when I got it back from Savage!
Click the image to enlarge the photo.
2) The crown (? - raised portion of muzzle end) is gouged and dinged. The metal around the bore is scratched.

View of the muzzle end on June 27th, clearly showing no damage to muzzle.

Another view with different lighting that show zero damage to muzzle
on June 27th, the day I sent the Model 93 to Savage. Click to enlarge.

This is what the muzzle looked like when I got the 93 back from Savage!
Click to enlarge image. 

3) The barrel is dinged between the receiver and stamping on left side.
June 2th - no ding on left side of barrel between receiver and stampings and
there was also no scratch or marring in the wood under rear scope mount.

When I got it back from Savage there was
a ding on barrel between stampings and receiver.
 4) The wood under the rear scope mount, after midway between top and bottom is scratched and marred.

Again, when I got it back from Savage, there was also a scratch and marring in
the wood under the rear scope mount that were not there when sent to Savage.
 4) The bottom of the L-Bar is scraped. 
Not scraped when I shipped it to Savage but scraped when I got it back.
5) The metal on the receiver immediately behind the ejection port is scratched.
Receiver not scratched behind ejection port when sent to Savage.

Receiver scratched when I got it back from Savage,
6) Adding insult to injury, they did not clean the rifle after supposedly test firing it as you can see in the last photo.

7) The forward movement of the safety is no longer smooth as it was before back in June but now seems to be grating on something internally and it is hard to push forward. The rearward movement is still smooth. Obviously there are no pics for this.

Maybe I am forgetting something else for the moment but I think I covered all the 'new' issues. 

It seems they may have actually addressed the problem for which I sent it to them - the rifle not feeding properly and the mags fitting loosely. Yet, while the mags now seem to fit snuggly, I did not test fire the rifle due to the issue with the safety. 

I have reported the new issues to Savage and sent them before and after photos. I noted that the return shipping boxes were not damaged ; so, these apparently happened while the rifle was at Savage for repairs. The rifle was almost pristine when I sent it to them, there was only a tiny ding in the wood in one spot. I am happy I took photos as I was preparing it for shipping (a good practice). While the photos I took when I sent it to them were not of the highest quality (it seems my camera setting may have been off kilter a bit) they are of more than good enough quality to shot there was no preexisting damage with regard to the new issues above. Now, I am anxiously awaiting their reply to find out what they will do, if anything, to rectify the situation. As I said, I may not ever buy another firearm by Savage Arms  - but that all depends on how they handle this situation.
All the best,
Glenn B

I'm Enjoying A WTF And...'s not bad at all. I am having it with a wee dram of Laird's Applejack and half a croissant as well. It's all my evening midweek dessert. It is a work eve but I am lowing myself since I have been booze free since Saturday. 

Yep, not bad at all!

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, August 21, 2017

Will Trump's Announcement Eclipse All Else Tonight

Today's expected solar eclipse may be the big news of the day so far but something tells me that President Trumps scheduled announcement for tonight on his new strategy for the war in Afghanistan will eclipse new reports about the eclipse. More at the source. Something also tells me that no matter what is the sum and substance of his announcement, the Mud Slinging Media, others on the left, RINOs and the Never Trump types of Republicans will vehemently disagree with it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Jerry Lewis

What a sad night it was for me last night when I learned of the death of Jerry Lewis, more at the source. He made me laugh many times when I was a youngster. He was slso the champion of Jerry's Kids, those American childten with muscular dystrophy for whon he headlined an annual fundraiser for 45 years. He was 91 and had one heck of a good run bring laughter and hope to many. He will be missed.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Maybe There Really Is No God...

...or maybe it's just that the devil is winning -if it has really has come to this being for real:

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, August 18, 2017

Some Folks Will Wonder What BLA Stands For...

...and others will immediately understand the meaning of this photo, especially old timers who know BLA is not an acronym.

All the best,
Glenn B

Must Be One Heck Of A Good Shot

A Spanish police officer has been credited with fatally shooting 4 of 5 terrorists in a confrontation between police and Islamic scum in Cambrils, Spain in the second of two terrorist attacks to rock Spain yesterday. More at the source. Of course, it may later be discovered through ballistic testing that his or her count was lower (or higher) but right now he or she is the hero of the day.

If indeed he or she got 4 out of 5, I have to say I admire his or her fortitude and tactical shooting abilities very much. I also have to wonder what were his or her brother officers doing at the time or if he or she was the only one on the scenne.

Edited to add: The Daily Mail from the UK is teporting the he as a she and has said it was a policewoman who shot the terrorists, thus all the he or she shit above.


All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I Was Reminiscing About Firearms I Have Owned...

...and recalled one that looked cool and that I would have like a lot more than I did had it not jammed as often as it did. That was the Charter Arms Explorer Pistol. I would not mind owning one now despite the jamamatic propensities of this particular pistol especially since now I would be more likely to attempt to fix the problem than I was back then. Back then, mind you, was in my Border Patrol days in CA in the early 1980s and I was just starting to earnestly involve myself in the world of firearms. Had I known better back then, a change of ammo might have done the trick or maybe a light polishing of the feed ramps.

Anyway, all that was so long ago that I pretty just about had forgotten that I ever had owned one. That was until just very recently coming across a pic that reminded me of the one I owned (mine had an 8" barrel if I remember rightly). Anyway, as I recall, I offloaded it and bought something else because it truly was a jamamatic.

Photo by: Kevin W. Kelly, June 16, 2016. Source:
 The Explorer II was chambered in 22LR. It was available with 4, 6 and 8 inch interchangeable barrels. In essence it was a pistol version of Charter Arms AR7 Explorer rifle. Why it jammed as often as it did is a mystery to me but not a problem that was particular to me alone. Many other owners lambasted Charter Arms for the jamming problems they experienced with it. Regardless, I'd love to have one now and then see if I could get it to function well. Sadly, as long as I live in NY State, that will not happen unless NY repeals or changes the NY S.A.F.E. Act. Under that law, this pistol is considered an assault weapon - yes you read thaw right it is considered an assault weapon! Why? Because it is semi-auto and it can accept a magazine other than in the pistol grip. How fucking ridiculous is that but such is NY with its wannabe tyrannical politicians who run rampant on the rights and liberties of the law abiding citizenry while pampering the criminals.

All the best,
Glenn B

Pretty Cool Move By An Armed Grandpa...

...who was not about to let a 16 year old thug turn him into victim. I like virtually everything the old-timer did except for one thing. Had that POS bad guy bent down in front of me to retrieve his gun, I probably would have shot him again, this time dead center mass. There would be no way that I'd let him pick it up and again give him the opportunity to shoot me. His going for the gun was more than good enough as probable cause to believe he posed an imminent threat to the old-timer's life and thus more than enough just cause to shoot him again.

I can understand why the old guy did not shoot him again, as he said he was trying to save the kids life, but that was, in my opinion, an error in judgment on his part that could have just as easily wound up in him losing his own life. Luckily the kid picked it up and ran instead of turning and shooting the old-timer!

More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

Once Upon A Time New Yorkers Were Sensible...

...and if you do not believe me then go to the page at this link and scroll down to the paragraph that begins with this:

"The Oct. 27, 1895, Utica Tribune’s “Women of Today” column encouraged female cyclists never to ride alone, but if they must, to arm themselves..."

Can you imagine a police chief, anywhere in NY saying something like that today!

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lost A Good Friend Last Week

Kevin Burke hoping for a winner in the 8th
 at Belmont Park, as I recall in 1983 or 1984. 
Whether he won that day or not, he forever
will be a Trifecta Winner in my in my heart:
He had a good family, was a good friend to many &
had a good sense of humor with that wonderful laugh.
I will remember him forever until my forever is no more.

There Is No Such Thing As Utopia

Sure looks to be Utopian - doesn't it! Well, there is no such place as Utopia and no such state of being as Utopian. If you don't believe me look under the cover.

Overheard In A Bar

All the best,
Glenn B

Being High & Mighty Doesn't Mean You Always Get It Right Because...

...sometimes your head is stuck so high up in the clouds you just don't have a clue.

All the best,

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Who Said Guns Are Only For Killing!

Here is a news flash for ya, they are useful for other things too, see:

All the best,
Glenn B

The Trump Slump - Firearms & Ammo Sales Plummeting But Why?

Firearms and ammunition manufacturers are gnashing their teeth in agony because of falling revenues due to fewer sales with regard to guns & ammo ever since Donald Trump was elected to the presidency. They are calling it The Trump Slump as per this source. While I believe it is happening, and understand how it is happening; however, I simply do not understand why it is happening because it is an illogical phenomenon.

Well, maybe I do understand since people do not necessarily make logical decisions when faced with bad times nor even when faced with good times. In fact they often do the reverse of what would benefit them the most based upon emotions during both good and bad times. Despite it being easy to figure out logically - people often tend to do otherwise.

When supply is high  products are normally less expensive, thus that is the time to buy and stockpile for your future. Sure, you will want to enjoy some of what you buy then, that is just a normal thing to do, the if you have it enjoy it and flaunt it mentality. Yet, if you are smart you also will buy enough to put some away for a rainy day. You don't have to be wealthy to stockpile, you just need to buy what you can buy, of whatever it is being sold that you need or will need and logic dictates you do that when things are in abundance and at low prices. If you do not do that then, when times are bad and supplies are low and thus prices are high, what you are likely to do is to start panic buying and paying too much for what you should have already had in store. and that will make the problem even worse.

I don’t know about anyone else in the good old 'US of A' but I have continued doing my part, without any slumping, to support firearms, ammunition and related industries since Donald Trump was elected. Heck, I did likewise when Obama was in office but at a slower pace than I did before he was elected and slower than what I plan to do now that he is out of office. That is not due as much as to who is in office or not but to supply and demand no matter who or what the cause and to what I need for current use and for my stockpile. 
Somehow now though, despite what logic dictates, we have what they are calling The Trump Slump with firearms and ammunition sales. I don't understand why - now that ammo prices have already fallen dramatically and firearms prices seem to be falling somewhat - anyone would stop buying them. Now is the time to buy as the prices are lower and the future is the time to keep buying if prices keep going lower.
Sure, as I said above, I bought ammo and firearms when Obummer Obama was president but I did not do much panic buying, if any, as did many American gun owners. In fact, I think I was buying at a slower rate then than I am buying them now but yes I did keep buying because that was prudent in the event someone like Clinton would have followed Obama and made things much worse. Yet, my buying was more affected by supply, cost and my cash at hand than it was by a panic that things would get worse. So, I just bought at a slowed pace because firearms, and especially ammo, were much more expensive but I believed still needed to get my supply as usual. While I simply could not afford as much then, I kept on buying and stockpiling as much as I could afford. Now that prices are less, I see absolutely no reason to stop stockpiling but I do see that as an incentive to increase my rate of purchases, all again depending on cash at hand.  
So, as I see it, there definitely is no reason to slow down now that a better and much more RKBA friendly president is in the White House, especially now that prices have dropped. So why the so called Trump Slump! I am guessing it is merely because of panic buying, by idiots, coming to an end. To have bought more guns and ammo than as ever you did before just because Obama was in office is one of the things that caused prices to go sky high and supply to drop. Now, to slow down in your firearms & ammo related purchases 
because the political climate is pro-RKBA under Trump and your panic has subsided, leaving you all giggly and light headed with joy ,is not only illogical - it is lunacy.
Now is the time to start buying and stockpiling as much as you can while prices are lower and if they keep going lower you should just keep buying and stockpiling. The reason for that is that if Trump winds up out on in the cold in 2020 and an arsehat like Joe Biden (or worse) gets in to the White House - you can bet panic buying will commence anew. As panic buying again commences, prices will rise and supplies will fall. As it continues, under a butthead like a Biden, just as in Obama's 8 years in office prices will rise more and more as supply dwindles to less and less and we will be in the same or worse condition than when Obama was in office. 
Buying more now than during the 8 preceding years is my plan. Since Election Day in November, up through and including this past Saturday August 12, or in just a few days over 9 months, I have made quite a good number of purchases of firearms, ammo, accessories and supplies and spent a goodly amount in doing so. If you are curious as to what I think is a goodly amount to have spent toward those purchases, let me just say it was enough to buy 10 firearms a few thousand rounds of ammunition and a decent handful or three of accessories and supplies. Telling you that I spent over 5k for those purchases might get me in big trouble with my wife so, I am not going to tell you that. 
Now, to appease my wife, in the event that she somehow found out that I actually spent over 5K on guns & ammo, I would have to point out to her that it would not have been like I had not sold at least a few to several guns and a decent amount of ammo to help fund my habit those purchases. In addition, before begrudging me those purchases, she would have to consider that I also came into enough extra loot for one nice rifle (which paid for the Marlin 1895GBL I just bought). Beyond that there is the $100 rebate on the Marlin that I will get if I remember to mail in the rebate form which I have just about totally forgotten to do in the last two weeks!
Maybe telling her all that would appease her a bit. If it did not then I would just need to explain to her that I merely have been doing my part to help support firearms related industries, our economy in general and to support our president by putting to sleep the rumor of The Trump Slump.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I'm Just Sayin' - God Bless Robert E. Lee...

...because if the words in this song ring true, then we should be thankful to Lee for at least that much as the song claims he did to end the Civil War.

A hat tip to BBB (my son) for texting me and telling me to check  out this song.

All the best,
Glenn B

What's My Line - They Almost Guessed It

All the best,
Glenn B

"Houston, we've had a problem"

All the best,

16 Gauge Shells & No Gun To Shoot Them - Resolved

Somewhere among my ammo cache are 9 rounds of 16 gauge shotgun shells. I definitely don't remember exactly when or where I got them. If I had to guess, I'd say I got them at a Hessney auction years ago and that they were included in a lot of something else I purchased but that would only be a guess and I truly have no clue from where or when they came to be mine. Thus, I also most definitely cannot say why I got them because I did not own a shotgun in that gauge whenever it was that I acquired them. You will notice that I just said I did not own a shotgun in that gauge - or in other words used the past tense in that regard.

Yesterday, I attended my 12th Hessney auction (either Rod & Gun auctions or Early - Modern Gun & Military auctions). I have been going to them since 2012, at first once per year (although I may have missed 2013 as I cannot find a receipt from then) and then later to multiple of their auctions per year. Last year I attended five of them and so far this year I have been to four of them. That all said, I imagine that by now you have guessed, that as of yesterday's auction, I now own a Remington Model 31 in 16 gauge. I suppose I always knew I'd get some use out of those 16 gauge shells sooner or later!

My Remington Model 31 - click on image to enlarge.
The Model 31 is a pump action shotgun. It was manufactured between 1931 and 1949; so mine is a pretty old fella just like me; although thankfully, I am many years its junior. As I understand it, the discontinuance of the 31 caused a lot of consternation among Remington enthusiasts back in the day as it was and remains considered one of the best pump action shotguns ever produced (more on that point here). In 1961, the by then discontinued Model 31 was in essence replaced by the Remington Model 870 which was in part based on the 31. Its manufacture was supposed to be less expensive than would have been resurrecting the Model 31.

Now, I am very familiar with the 870, I have owned at least four or has it been five of them and can say it is an excellent shotgun as far as shooting it and maintenance of it goes. I just watched a video on YouTube, relative to the disassembly and re-assembly of the Model 31, and will say that the process with the 31 is much more complicated than with the 870. The simplicity of taking down and putting back together the 870 is most certainly one of the reasons, and there are many others, that have made the Remington 870 the bestselling shotgun in history. (Remington 870 sales surpassed the 10 million mark way back in 2009.) Nonetheless, the 31 is touted as one of the all-time best pump action shotguns because of the quality that went into its production. I hope that mine proves that point to me.
While some hold the Winchester Model 12 as the pinnacle of workhorse pump action shotguns, others say that the Remington Model 31 is by far the better made and smoother operating of the two. Me, I think the reputation of most Winchester firearms are overblown and that they are thus overpriced. As for the price of my newly acquired Remington Model 31, let me just say that I got it at what I think was a very good price. Why I think it was a very good price is twofold: 1) It was below the prices in both 2017 Standard Catalog of Firearms and the current online listing in the Blue Book of Gun values for a gun in its condition. 2) Back on June 21, 1932, it (the standard variation) had a recommended retail price of $47.90. In today's money (and we all know the bang for the buck is less today), I paid less than three times that old-time MSRP for it. That my friends was a pretty good deal considering it seems to be in excellent mechanical condition and that it has at least 80% to 85% of the metal finish remaining with only two small freckles of rust on the bottom of the barrel (no other rust anywhere) and only has very few and very small minor dings on the wood.
I cannot wait to get a chance to shoot it but since I am going to be working all week I most likely will not get a chance to bring it to the range at least until next weekend. Since the closest range open to the public, that allows one to shoot shotgun shells containing shot as opposed to ball or slugs, is about an hour's drive from my house, I might not get a chance to go next weekend either. One can hope though and that is when I am hoping to go test one of my latest acquisitions. Yes, I said one of my latest acquisitions but just as I would not tell you the exact price for which I got the model 31, I am not about to tell you about the other gun I acquired either. That will be done at a later date for reasons of a personal nature and I'll explain all that when I do tell you about the other one I got yesterday. The thing is, it probably will be several months before I blab about that one.
So, I am now the owner of yet another gun older than me, my particular Remington Model 31 has a date code of XSS which signifies manufacture in December 1947 and thus will be 70 years old later this year. (As a side note, when looking at the barrel I saw it has a matching serial number to that on the receiver meaning it likely is all original - another plus.) Why have I been buying some older guns lately? I guess in part because it is a way to make myself feel younger than I am by surrounding myself with things older than me and from a time when America was greater in many, albeit not all, regards than it is today. It’s also, at least in part, that they don't make em today the way they used to back then. 
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Childhood Memory

If you remember hearing this, then you know we need more of the like today:

Hat tip to Richie M.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

This Could Be The Sale For Wirecutter

Sportsmansguide has a military surplus sale going on for the next few days, ending on August 13. I have no clue as to whether or not the prices are good but if they are good on these two linked items then this could well be the sale for Wirecutter over at Knuckledraggin My Life Away:
Italian Military Barbed Wire:
Key Features
  • Italian military issue
  • Heavy gauge double strand wire
  • 4-point barbs every 5 inches
  • Galvanized for long life
  • 250 yards, 60 lbs.
  • New condition
 British Military Surplus Wire Cutters, Like New:

Key Features
  • British military issue
  • Made in United Kingdom
  • Metal folding handles
  • Compact 10 x 3" folded
Of course, if any of you are feeling generous, you may want to buy him a gift!

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Kids and Guns

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Not Me

There is no way I'd try to milk that OR ITS HUMAN EQUIVALENT.

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People Wonder Why I Like Tortoises & Turtles So Much


Not wondering any more are ya!

By the way, that is either a Yellowfoot or Redfoot Tortoise also known as a chick magnet. Live and learn.

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Border Alert

The way it should be.
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John Was Suddently All Thumbs


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