Thursday, August 17, 2017

I Was Reminiscing About Firearms I Have Owned...

...and recalled one that looked cool and that I would have like a lot more than I did had it not jammed as often as it did. That was the Charter Arms Explorer Pistol. I would not mind owning one now despite the jamamatic propensities of this particular pistol especially since now I would be more likely to attempt to fix the problem than I was back then. Back then, mind you, was in my Border Patrol days in CA in the early 1980s and I was just starting to earnestly involve myself in the world of firearms. Had I known better back then, a change of ammo might have done the trick or maybe a light polishing of the feed ramps.

Anyway, all that was so long ago that I pretty just about had forgotten that I ever had owned one. That was until just very recently coming across a pic that reminded me of the one I owned (mine had an 8" barrel if I remember rightly). Anyway, as I recall, I offloaded it and bought something else because it truly was a jamamatic.

Photo by: Kevin W. Kelly, June 16, 2016. Source:
 The Explorer II was chambered in 22LR. It was available with 4, 6 and 8 inch interchangeable barrels. In essence it was a pistol version of Charter Arms AR7 Explorer rifle. Why it jammed as often as it did is a mystery to me but not a problem that was particular to me alone. Many other owners lambasted Charter Arms for the jamming problems they experienced with it. Regardless, I'd love to have one now and then see if I could get it to function well. Sadly, as long as I live in NY State, that will not happen unless NY repeals or changes the NY S.A.F.E. Act. Under that law, this pistol is considered an assault weapon - yes you read thaw right it is considered an assault weapon! Why? Because it is semi-auto and it can accept a magazine other than in the pistol grip. How fucking ridiculous is that but such is NY with its wannabe tyrannical politicians who run rampant on the rights and liberties of the law abiding citizenry while pampering the criminals.

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