Thursday, February 1, 2024

Laptop Problems

 My laptop's fan has been rattling intermittently. This has been going on a week or two at most and it has  rattled only a few to maybe several times. I had thought that my 3 year next business day onsite warranty expired tomorrow but when I checked on HP's site tonight, they said it expired yesterday. Then I looked at my warranty again and on another warranty page of HP's. As it turned out, thank goodness I contacted them today because yesterday nor tomorrow was the expiration date - today is/was the last day of the warranty! 
After 2 hours and 50 minutes, of questions and useless downloads (at least useless as to fixing  the problem) the HP rep told me an onsite service tech will be calling me soon, I am guessing tomorrow. That was only after the HP rep first asked me to send it in to HP and I had to remind her I had an onsite next day business service warranty. It was also after she had asked me to record the rattling sound. When she asked me to record the sound, it was not rattling. Luckily though, a few moments later, out of the blue, it went into the black and it started rattling again. I grabbed my phone, hit voice recorder and I recorded it.
This was the first hardware problem in three years of owning this laptop, a far cry from my previous HP laptop which had a few hardware issues. Remarkably this was a refurbished business machine; I guess they did a good job at refurbishing it. I should note, this laptop is speed rated at being a Battleship and an Aircraft Carrier when I run the User Benchmark app, it is still considered as very powerful and fast today even though I purchased it three years ago today. I paid a lot for it but my figuring was I wanted one that would remain top notch for a few to several years to come and after that still be at least a pretty fast computer. It has made it in that regard for three years so far and I am guessing will give me good to very good performance for a few years more..
I would probably have called this problem in a bit sooner, as in earlier this week, despite me being THE Great Procrastinator but I was at my son's house from last Friday until yesterday and had left the laptop at home and just forgot all about it. In fact, it was probably the last thing on my mind today, that is until it started rattling again. I am happy it did so because if it and I had waited until tomorrow, I would have been a day late & a dollar short so to speak! Usually I am that guy, the one who gets royally screwed but today there must have been Divine Intervention and or maybe that rare thing known as good luck for me and believe me sometimes I think if not for an abundance of bad luck I'd have almost no luck at all.

You can bet, I am hoping it, that is my good fortune, will continue through tomorrow when I buy some lottery tickets for Mega Millions, Power ball, the AR lottery/lotto and AR Natural State drawings. If I win a big prize on tickets I buy tomorrow I may well start going back to church because it will be evident that someone up there likes me.

All the best,
Glenn B

Visited My Son For Several Days & Went To A Gun Show

Skye, my mongrel, and I drove to Sherwood, AR last Friday to visit my son, his girlfriend and their three pooches. Had a nice weekend visiting, got a bit looped with Brendan & Nikki on Friday night. Messed around a lot with their two new puppies and Skye did the same or should I say they messed around with her. Watched too much TV, mostly MI5 on Britbox in Amazon Prime. Ate some good eats including an out of this world roast chicken with mashed taters & broiled Brussels sprouts. Drank some good bier & booze too. I did not do much more for most of the days we were there, we just got back to my apartment today.

The only thing I did of merit other than visiting them was to attend the G&S gun show in Conway, AR this past Sunday. I have been there several times as a vendor but while looking to sell something, I was not a vendor this time. With some willpower dredged up from I know not where, I successfully compelled my psyche to demand of myself that I not buy any guns, ammo or accessories. However, I did make two purchases of small metal novelty signs at $4.00 each. With some entrepreneurship & luck, I sold a Rock Island Armory 51431 Rock Standard FS 1911 in 45ACP. I got 100% of my money back, which was my hoped for result. 
I also tried to sell a Savage 111 Long Range Hunter in .300 WIN MAG but had no luck with offloading it onto some other gun nut enthusiast than myself. That one was truly like new, it had only ten shots fired out of it to date. Bought it in 2018 at a Hessney auction in Geneva, NY. It is in pristine condition except for a tiny almost unnoticeable scuff on the synthetic stock. It turned out that my bursitis/arthritis in the strong side shoulder made its recoils a bit much for me. While I offered it to my son as a gift, he shot 5 of those 10 rounds through it and said that as enough for him, he did not like the recoil and did not want the Savage. It's funny that this past weekend, he told me how nice of a rifle was it and that he thought it was cool. Now that he has a Remington 700 BDL in .30-06, I guess he thinks the recoil is not as bad as he at first had thought.

As for the pistol that I sold: I had three of the same exact model of those pistols and figured it would be a quick seller that I did not need since I'd be left with to others if it sold. I purchased one on Halloween in 2016, then I bought two more in July 2023. My reason for selling was that I recently wound up needing to replenish some cash that I had spent, but that I should not have spent, on stuff for my firearms hobby/collection (or should I say my firearms addiction:rolleyes:😂). So, to recoup some of the cash, I decided to sell one of the the newer ones (unfired in the box with everything that was in the box from the factory). I was not looking to make a profit but am guessing I easily could have gotten $25 to $50 more for it since I originally bought it at a great sale price. Regardless, I was quite satisfied to get my money back on it to replenish at least some of the moolah that I am hoping to get back into my pocket and then put back into the bank.

I may go to another gun show, this one in Mena, AR this weekend; I am none too sure I can get away though but it indubitably would be nice if I could go there on Friday & Saturday. Gun show or not though, I very much would like to visit the village of Mena and the area around it. The village putatively
is quaint and the surrounding area is said to be very nice countryside. Then again, a gun show there at the same time I'd be visiting would be a big plus, especially if I can sell another one or something else gun related like a collectable bayonet or two. Of course, that would only be nice if I maintain my composure and once again find the willpower that is hidden within me to avoid buying something that I see that make me thin think: such a deal, don't be a schmuck buy two!

All the best,
Glenn B