Friday, April 29, 2011

Pansy Planting or Going To The Gun Show at Middletown, NY Tomorrow & Sunday...

...and sadly, or is it gladly, the choice is I will not be there. Nor will I be at the NRA's annual meeting in Pittsburgh. Instead, I will be out in the garden, crawling around in the dirt, getting the undersides of my fingernails dirty, in fact probably getting most of me pretty filthy, as I plant tomato plants, pepper plants, string beans, cucumbers, eggplants, a few different herbs, a bunch of annuals including geraniums, petunias, columbine, pansies, dahlias, some vines and a few others. When I think about the choice I have made to stay home this weekend and get this done, it really is not all all that bad, in fact it is pretty good. Even though I would prefer being at the gun show, it will probably be a lot of fun as long as I remember to take an aspirin or two before I start to keep the back from getting sore and tight. I mean, I don't mind digging holes in the dirt, finding worms for my turtle, tortoises, fish, salamanders & newts. I also don't mind planting the garden and getting about as dirty as any 9 year old who decides to explore the backyard. Yep, I am looking forward to a day of downright dirty fun - for what more could I ask!

All the best,
Glenn B