Sunday, November 24, 2019

Thanksgiving Dinner Is In The Pantry... to speak. I just got finished shopping. I went to Wally World (figured I'd save some cash) and I got most everything I need. Picked up a 17 plus pound frozen turkey, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, aluminum roasting & casserole pans; sliced almonds to add to my stuffing (still need some special bread for the stuffing); biscuit dough; flour, shortening & tart apples for a pie (no sugar, just apples and spices as filler); chocolate chips for toll-house cookies; already have other veggies (frozen but what the heck); I still need beer and booze - I asked my son to pick up some vodka and I will get the beer, probably Spaten lager. Of course, I also have a bottle of Kirschwasser around here somewhere and that will most likely be the drink of choice to go with the beers after dinner (and maybe before dinner too). If I am lucky, Brendan will bring along some venison from the doe he shot. He got his first ever deer this year, in AR; gotta love it especially if it winds up on the dinner table for Thanksgiving!

Now I need to look up how long it takes to thaw a 17 plus pound turkey in the fridge.

All the best,
Glenn B