Saturday, November 27, 2021

I Have Little To Say On The Arbery Case...

 ...and that is because I think we saw justice done with the guilty verdicts (more on the verdicts at the source). To me, a few seeming yahoo type rednecks apparently decided to take justice into their own hands and chased down a man about whom the police should have been called and been notified of his alleged suspicious activity and the whole thing left at that. There was no need for vigilante justice (which by the way I believe this case involved and the Rittenhouse case did not). This was obviously, in my view, not a case of self-defense nor even close to it. The only person who evidently tried to defend himself was Mr. Arbery from what seems to me to have been a mouth breeding redneck crusader (and his father and their friend), who despite possible good intentions, seemingly had no just cause to point his gun at Mr. Arbery. Nor I think did the three of them have just cause to stop him thus effecting a possible arrest but that is debatable dependent upon state law differing from my opinion on that matter. As I said, I think they should have called the police, reported Mr. Arbery and their suspicions and left it at that.
I think it was a very sad case of over zealous citizens trying to do right but screwing up badly in the extreme thus resulting in the killing of another person without any justification.
As for all the BLM and Black Pussies Panther and their apparent racist rhetoric (yes meaning those groups are racist in my opinion) and their evident terroristic threats of violence - the police should be investigating and arresting some of them. 
All the best,
Glenn B