Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Axles Have Been Greased &...

 ...the wheels are already in motion even if only slowly so far. Hopefully, I will be bound toward Rogers, AR to arrive on July 12 or toward Dallas, TX to arrive on July 15 and to get to either in time to attend the Santana & Earth Wind & Fire concert at either location. 
I would prefer Rogers, AR as it is north of here and thus maybe will be a bit cooler and because my son lives in AR and maybe it is more convenient for him if he chooses to come even though on a work day's night. If he chooses not to attend either, then I hope that maybe I can drop off Skye (my mongrel) with him or his girlfriend for the 12th and go up to Rogers. Another reason to choose Rogers though is that tickets will be about $100 less expensive there and that is for each ticket. What a difference! Of course, being Dallas is on a Friday night, if my son can make it, I will be obliged as a decent pop to get tickets there. He'd have to foot the motel bill.
Either show would be nice to attend and going with my son would make either one a grand affair. His gal-pal can come too but he'd have to foot the ticket price for her. Besides it being grand to have Brendan, and maybe Niki too, with me to see Santana - it would be excellent to see him and his group perform if they played some of their classic hits from long ago. The man is a musical genius. Saw him last an an ice skating rink (in warmer months) within Central Park in NYC many, many, many years ago. Seeing Earth Wind & Fire playing as the backup band would be a nostalgic treat as well. 
So, I sent Brendan an email for him to read tomorrow and hopefully he will tell me he can attend one of those shows. If not, then I hope I can drop off Skye (my mongrel) with him early next week and then head up to Rogers.
Of course, all of this also depends upon whether Carlos Santana recovers from the heat exhaustion he suffered last night. More at the source. It also depends upon whether or not any tickets are left tomorrow after Brendan gets back to me.
All the best,
Glenn B