Sunday, May 22, 2016

Everyman's Evening Eyeful

Nope, I haven't forgotten about Everyman's Evening Eyeful, I was a bit busy this week and did not get time to update. At least I have the time right now to post an impressive eyeful for today. Look under the covers but clicking on the link below.

I May Have To Start A New Club...

...after having read most of this. The this is the GENDER IDENTITY/GENDER EXPRESSION: LEGAL ENFORCEMENT GUIDANCE by the NY City Commission on Human Rights . To me it seems little more than a way for liberals and leftists to heavily favor those who choose to self identify as a gender other than their natural one over those of us who think that self identification as anything other than your true self to be preposterous.

It is one of the most ridiculous pieces of legal guidance, and one of the most worthless bits of output by a government commission, that I have ever read in my entire life to date. I am almost totally convinced that someone will form a new club, one that plays off of an old name, something like: The He-Man's Gender Self-Identifier Hater's Club. I mean really folks, this insanity of trying to be someone you are not and then getting the rest of the loons to believe you are that other persona is getting ridiculous.

No matter how you want to think of yourself gender-wise, you have chromosomes and if your chromosomes match XX then you are female and if they are XY then you are male, such is determined at the moment of conception. To date, I have heard of ABSOLUTELY zero scientific data to support any claim that your chromosomes can change and thus your actual sexual identity (aka: your gender) can change.

Sure, you can fantasize to the point of thinking you are of the opposite gender and others can go along with your lunacy even to the point of changing the way you look by way of hormone treatments and surgery but the bottom line is you are, from birth until death, the gender you were at the moment of conception. Science may someday change that but it has not done so yet - all it has given you is a fa├žade to enhance your fantasy if you choose to self-identify as a member of a gender other than your own.

Now, even I will admit, maybe their are some natural anomalies that could result in a chromosomal gender change but that would indeed be so rare as to have not yet been discovered. The rest of you who claim to self identify as a gender other that that which you were born are, in essence, simply confused and totally wrong fantasy role-players. 
All the best,
Glenn B  

I Was Going To Call The Alaska Department Of Public Safety... inquire as to the legality of carrying firearms while Brendan and I will be on vacation in that state in the near future. So, I went to their website to get their phone number but while there I saw Alaska's General Questions Firearms FAQ and I took a look at it. Most of the questions and answers they have listed deal with why someone would be restricted from carrying firearms there, for example convicted felons and illicit drug users cannot do so nor can those under the influence of alcohol. One has to scroll down more than halfway through the list of questions before getting to what I think should have been the first question and answer on the page:

"Do I need a permit to carry a firearm concealed in Alaska?

No. In Alaska, anyone who is 21 years of age or older and legally allowed to possess a firearm is permitted to carry the firearm concealed without a permit."

How nice of them to allow for such, what a difference from New York, my home state, wherein it is usually almost impossible to get a concealed carry permit. The FAQ takes a load off of my mind about whether or not my son can carry there.

The very next question in the FAQ was an important one and the answer is one of which anyone visiting Alaska and then intending to carry concealed should know of ahead of time. That one asks if you need to do anything special while carrying and you come into contact with police. The answer - yes, you must immediately notify the officer that you are carrying.

Alaska also has this webpage on their site. It plainly states that: "Alaska does not expand upon Federal firearms laws for ownership or possession of firearms." They have an additional webpage "In Alaska" that outlines when one can and cannot carry in Alaska. 

I may still give them a call to make absolutely sure I can allow my son to carry one of my handguns (in NY that would be considered an illegal firearms transfer even if both of us had pistol licenses). I almost cannot wait to get out of New Yorkistan to visit a state that could be aptly named Freedomland.

All the best,
Glenn B


Today's History - The Pot Calls The Kettle Black...

...and as usual the balderdash out of Hollyweird is just that - balderdash. Regardless of whatever reason she called David Letterman an "asshole" (source), on this day in 1983, I think Cher was and remains one of the biggest arsehats on the planet. Why this is actually considered to be historical by some is truly beyond me; I was just looking for some blog space filler.

All the best,
Glenn B

Climate Warming In Oregon Hits 451 Degrees Fahrenheit

The book burners banners are at it in the schools of Oregon where they have banned any books that dispute climate change and ones that say it is not manmade. They claim that the science says otherwise but I certainly seem to remember the climatologists twice being caught with their pants on fire in as much as they had skewed the data to support Global Warming and then when caught changed the name to Climate Change. So much for the science of it, this book ban seems to be nothing more than  political correctness heated up to temps found in a Ray Bradbury sci-fi tale. More here

All the best,
Glenn B