Friday, February 11, 2011

Federal & American Eagle - .45 Auto Ammunition Recall Alert

A friend from work let me know about this recall notice. I am passing it on to the rest of you as a public service sort of thing. I am hopeful that Federal will see it that way, as sort of a helping hand to spread the word and prevent any potential tragedies.

I would strongly recommend that you check your .45 ammo and if you have any of this you follow the instructions in the accompanying notice.

The image is clickable to enlarge. The original posting about it can be found by clicking the appropriate link on the
Federal Premium site . The link is located near the lower right hand side of the home page or you can just click on it here:

There is also another link on the Federal Premium home page that says: "
If you have affected product Click Here". Please don't go crazy clicking on this link just for the heck of it or out of curiosity. Click on it only if you have the effected ammo. I am pretty sue Federal does not need any unnecessary traffic on their servers right about now. They will probably have enough with all the people who will be turning in the recalled lots of ammo.

Shoot safely,
Glenn B

Some Would Say This Car Has Everything but...

...I would say not unless it has a hot coffee dispenser, dual front facing machine guns, dual rear facing machine guns, a smoke blower, an oil dispenser (in the rear) and an ejector seat. Of course, if it really had email service and served up sizzling bacon, those would be the first steps toward getting it there.

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