Saturday, November 23, 2019

Are The Impeachment Hearings Over?

Has President Trump been hung or otherwise executed yet? Are the Demoncrats finally satisfied? Can we move on with our lives? The answer to all of those questions probably is a resounding no because even if the hearings are somehow over in the House, they will continue in the Senate if their is a House vote for impeachment. I truly believe that if the leftists, libturds and a great majority of democrats had their way, President Trump would be long buried already or more likely his body would have been desecrated and left somewhere to rot in public view along with the bodies of his family members and those in his administration loyal to him and to the Constitutional Republic known as the U.S. of A!

At times, I almost feel as if it might be a good thing if he was not president but only in as much as this shit from the left would come to an end but whom am I kidding - I know it won't stop until their is a takeover of our country by leftist tyrants and then there will be a civil war (or should be one). No, I do not really hope for Donald trump to be out of the White House, in fact I am looking forward to voting for him again and to putting an end to the incessant extremism of the leftists in this country who would topple him (those in both the Democrat and Republican parties). This man has done more to improve our nation and the lives of every citizen in it than any president within my life time - much more by far. All those on the left have done as of late is to try to destroy him for his having made our country a truly better place to live and enjoy our liberties, rights and freedom.

All the best,
Glenn B