Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy"

"Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy" are the words Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu. He is supposedly upset with, angered with, disgusted with the federal government. Does he have the right, does he have just cause, should he be feeling that way. In my personal opinion, I think so. I think we all should feel likewise but again that is my own personal opinion.

When you look at the bailouts, when you look at Fannie Mae, when you look at the seemingly egregious spending of our as of yet uncollected tax dollars regardless of those already spent, when you look at the current national debt and how it is skyrocketing, when you look at all the jobs lost, at the unemployment rates going up or simply remaining the worst they have been in years, when you consider the federal government not only considering mandatory socialized medicine for all Americans for the first time in our history but forcing you to buy it while the politicians have exempted themselves, when you see the left still trying to blame it all or most of it on George W. Bush (just heard it this morning coming out of the mouth of a lib on Fox News) instead of taking any blame for anything, when you look at our foreign policy with regard to China, North Korea, Iran and others, when you see us disrespecting and almost forsaking our ally Israel, when you realize that the war in Afghanistan is going worse than it has in all the years it has been waged and our president goes on golf outings and has gala parties held at the White House with invited ultra leftists like Paul McCartney who mock and insult us as our soldiers die in foreign wars, when you hear of the suicide rate in our own military is out of control, when you consider that our government refuses to call a terrorist infiltrator an Islamic terrorist (or even call him a terrorist at all) after he killed and wounded our men and woman on an army base within our borders and praised his god while doing so, when you realize that soon a Muslim cultural center/mosque will be erected within the shadow of what was the World Trade Center, when you see our leaders saying this mosque will be erected because of freedom of religion even though to many intelligent people Islam is not a true religion but a type of state that masquerades as a religion or at least hides behind one, when you see our president bowing to the rulers of other nations and bowing very low at that, when you hear him apologizing for America all across the globe, when you see - feel - and smell the oil that has polluted our shorelines and seas and wildlife including the seafood we eat - thanks not only to an oil company that our government is still going out of its way to appease but to ineffectual activity by the government itself for months, when you speculate that within a month or two at most - BP and the federal government will say it has all been cleaned up (just in time for the elections), when you see senators and congress people more corrupt than ever despite this administrations promise to clean up the swamp, when you realize that our current government is operating more behind the scenes than any previous one in recent memory, when you observe that our government has virtually handcuffed law enforcement from stopping illegal entry of aliens into our country or throwing out those illegal aliens already here, when you read the draft memo stating that CIS should in essence do all it can do to allow illegals to remain in this country and to get legal status, when you see the federal government suing a state for what it has begged states to do in the past - specifically to assist federal law enforcement by helping enforce federal law, when you wonder what will happen if states stop enforcing federal laws as assistance to the government, when you realize that the federal courts have allowed a foreign country - one that spews illegal aliens and narcotics and probably terrorists into our country - to sue one of our states, when you see the federal government actually closinga long stretch of our border to American Citizens and legal resident aliens and looking the other way as smugglers and illegals flood across it, when you hear the ultra-left is not satisfied that our president is leftist enough even though he has done more than anyone since Franklin D. Roosevelt to socialize our economy - when you see our president trying to save his own image on The View instead of honoring the Boy Scouts of America by attending their 100th Anniversary celebration, isn't it all more than enough for you to realize that those words, "
Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy", just maybe are quite possibly true?

Heaven help us for it has become apparent at least to me that we cannot, or are unwilling to, take the necessary steps to help ourselves. What have we become, what else will we become? It is up to us, We The People, to determine the course of our nation and just as the man promised change in the last presidential election - I think we all need to demand it in the next!

All the best,
Glenn B