Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scary Monsters Indeed - Maybe The Scariest Of All Live Within Us

I read some news over at a fellow blogger's site today, it was news about Monsters. Art, from Home Place - Art's Stuff,  got some bad news, he is facing a monster, one that is inside of him. He has prostate cancer. On the good side, his docs say they found it early.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, last year when I was diagnosed with cancer, it took me awhile to let my secret out to the world, heck - even to my family. I did not want to bring up bad news right before and for a couple of weeks after my daughter's getting engaged (her fiance had us all in on his plan), nor while my aunt was dying from cancer, nor shortly after my brother-in-law's wife had passed on from it. I waited and kept the monster called cancer in the dark from others and also kept another monster inside, the monster called hopeless fear. It was a scary time for me. After I told my wife and family about it, I let some friends know, then let work know, then let the world know on my blog. The response I got, from family, friends and coworkers was to be expected - very supportive, in fact more than I had thought would be coming from them came my way with lots more love than I would have imagined especially from family. The response I got from people out there in the blogosphere was very unexpected. People all over the world were pulling and praying for me, lighting candles for me, sending me emails wishing me well, and so on. It was very humbling but also was very uplifting and very welcome support from people who for the most part are total strangers to me. Without it though, I do not know if I would have been able to keep up the fight, I do not know if family and friends and coworkers and docs and nurses and techs and treatments would have been enough, it was that tough and you guys helped pull me through. 

So again, why am I telling you about Art's condition here on my blog? I am hopeful that some of you, my few but dear readers, will go to his blog and do for him what you did for me: Help him kick cancer's ass!

All the best,
Glenn B