Thursday, July 8, 2010

Remember Arizona! - Don't Let It Come To That - Help Now

Please note, this piece is one in which I repeatedly state my opinion. The opinion I am giving is not based on anything other than my own personal viewpoints and is not necessarily or apparently in line with the opinion of the current administration of the United States Government. I offer my opinion as a free citizen and in no way connected with my employment.

One of the most resounding calls in U.S. History has been a simple three word sentence - Remember The Alamo. Once again, Mexican nationals are doing battle against us, this time in a different way but in much greater numbers. Little by little they are taking our country away from us - first by language, then by jobs, now by territory as parts of the great state of Arizona have been put off limits to U.S. Citizens and legal resident aliens because Mexican criminals run rampant there.

This is not just a problem facing Arizona. There are literally tens of millions of illegal aliens (note I did not say illegal immigrants because they have not immigrated here they have entered our nation illegally and continue to violate the law by not paying income, property and many other taxes, and they such our educational and health care systems dry all the while taking jobs away from American citizens and legal resident aliens). Many of Mexican descent readily admit they want to take over the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in the name of la raza(the race) - they are racists and they are intent on turning at least the SW USA into Mexican territory. You may not have believed this 30 years ago when others gave this same warning, maybe you did not believe it 20 years ago either when the Spanish writing graffiti was on the wall, and maybe you even gave them the benefit of the doubt 10 years ago just thinking that all those poor Mexicans just needed jobs here in the US of A - BUT - if you don't see it by now that they are attempting a takeover of at least those states or parts of them, and that they have very little to no regard for U.S. law, and that they are infiltrating our country and poisoning it with illegal narcotics and bringing deadly violence to our soil then you must be blind. As I type, Fox news reported that illegal criminal aliens comprise 15% of the jailed population within Pinal County, AZ - amazing!

It is time to take a stand, in fact long past that time. At last, at least one state, a border state at that, has seen the reality of everything I wrote above and the people of the Great State of Arizona have taken action while our federal government drags its feet mired in the muck of political correctness and vote seeking politics. Arizona has taken it upon itself to enforce Immigration statutes that the federal government, for the most part, seemingly refuses to enforce. Therefore, Arizona has taken it upon itself to protect not only the people of Arizona but also of the remainder of the United States. I was out in Arizona twice in the recent past. One trip lasted about 4 months, the other was 3 1/2 months. I can tell you that the illegal alien problem is overwhelming that state and it should not be, in my personal opinion, doing so because our federal government should be protecting our nation from this invasion. I can also tell you that Arizona is almost broke fiscally. For them to try to enforce their new law, the state of Arizona would find it difficult. Add to that the fact that the Obama Administration has decided to sue the State of Arizona over this immigration law. This is a big mistake as I see it and one that shows the current administration to be concerned more with politics and votes that with the safety and security of our nation and her people and also shows our federal government officials to be less concerned with our economy and our welfare than with that of millions of illegal aliens! Arizona is planning to fight back and I think that the right thing to do but the expense that will be incurred means Arizona needs the help of the American citizenry to help defeat the federal lawsuit.

In fact, the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, is asking America for assistance. You can go to the official website of Arizona at and find your way to the icon near the bottom of the page to make a financial donation to Arizona or you can click on this link: and go directly to the donation page. These donations, as I understand, are being sought out only to combat the law suit(s) being brought against Arizona by the federal government regarding Arizona's passage of a statute that will allow their law enforcement officers to make immigration arrests. I think they deserve our help - they are trying to keep us safe and secure while the current administration fumbles what seems like virtually every problem and issue it has encountered. I would hate to see them fumble all the way to the downfall of the united States of America. I urge you to support Arizona, I urge you to support border security, I urge you to support strict enforcement of immigration and nationality laws by the federal and state governments, I urge you to support Immigration reform with severe penalties for illegal aliens but with continued legal immigration, I urge you to support strict penalties against employers of illegal aliens and urge you to support strict worksite enforcement so that both U.S. Citizens and legally immigrated aliens can find jobs here, I urge you to make a donation to the state of Arizona - help them defend Arizona - help them defend the United States of America.

Read what Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has to say about it here:

All the best,
Glenn B