Thursday, May 26, 2016

One Day, A Wake Up...

...and about half a day's flying (and waiting in airports) and we will be in Alaska. I cannot not f'ing wait.

I had best get some sleep, I have a lot to do later today.

Later for you,

This Getting Ready For Vacation...

...has me deserving a vacation due to it alone. Its not the packing or the little bit of planning I have done because I am done with that; well except for rearranging some stuff to different bags maybe. What is getting to be a real pain in the neck is all the chores that I started today and have to get finished by tomorrow. As I typed that last sentence, my alarm just started going off with a recording of my voice reminding me to move the sprinkler on my lawn. I am watering now because I figured it would have been a waste earlier today when it was much hotter. I have the alarm set every 20 minutes for the next hour and twenty or so.

Then there was calling American Express and getting traveler's insurance for our hotel stays (and that took over half an hour of tedium), mowing the front and back lawns, going to the post office, shopping at the pharmacy for toothbrushes and toothpaste for the trip and at the supermarket for some diner and beers, cleaning my fish tanks, setting aside individual days' worth of fish food so my wife does not overfeed the fishes, cleaning up the backyard some, cleaning the basement some, looking for fishing gear that I cannot find (but hope my son has hidden somewhere and so on. Tomorrow I still have to change all the filter media in my fish tanks, clean the tortoise enclosure, clean the bearded dragon tank, try to get a problem with an FFL worked out so I can ship a gun to him that someone bought from me on GunBroker (I really want to ship before I leave for the north country), sharpen knives, clean guns (the only two things I have not packed besides fishing gear and those toothbrushes and toothpaste are my two pistols for the trip), find that fishing gear, print out our tickets, vacuum the basement, cleaning my car (my wife wants to drive us to the airport in that rat trap instead of her sports nicer car), writing up the details of my critter care so my wife can take care of them and they are still alive when I get home, making sure all of my guns are locked up (actually I think all of them are secure already but I will double and triple check) and whatever else is on my to do list and then some. Of course, I will also wake my son from his drunken slumbers to make sure he packs.

The vacation should be two weeks instead of one.

Crap, I had better move the sprinkler before there is a flood.

All he best,
Glenn B

Little Blogging Because...

...I have been busy with a lot of stuff this week being that our Alaska trip is now less than 48 hours away. Luckily for me, another guy on my job forgot to renew a necessary license. That was not lucky for him because he is now not working, at least not until he gets it renewed and since it is a state license that could take weeks. It was lucky for me because I got to work a day last week and three this week and that way at least I will have some money coming to me after our trip that can be used to help pay for it. I could have also worked today and tomorrow but I have an appointment that I need to keep today and have lots to do today and tomorrow in preparation for the trip.

Anyway, those are the reasons there has been not much from me this week in the blog - work and trip preparation. Along the lines of preparation, I am packed already except for my firearms. I have to clean the 45 and the Redhawk before securing them in the case along with my Remington 870. Once we are in AK, I will try to do at least one daily post with pictures from that northern paradise and bastion of firearm rights and freedom.

All the best,
Glenn B