Sunday, August 5, 2012

To Busy To Continue With The Gun Cleaning...

...that I started a couple of days ago. One the first day I think it was eight rifles, one shotgun and four pistols that I cleaned. Then on the second day, I spent a few to several hours cleaning just two Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles. Remember in my blog about day one of cleaning, I said that rust had not reared its ugly head. Well the two 91/30 Mosin Nagants were in a closet up in our bedroom (my wife's room considering I usually sleep on a couch in the basement). I guess the closet gets pretty humid and maybe I had not cleaned the bores as well as I had thought when I last cleaned them. Yes there was filth and rust in them. The one I have with the bent bolt wound up coming out with a shiny bore; man those Tornado brushes sure do work wonders. The other one still seems to have a bit of frosting, or maybe it is pitting but as I recall, it was pitted when I bought it. At the time, because of cosmoline, I did not realize it. I sure found out after I cleaned it up the first time. It is not bad though and the gun shoots pretty good with heavier weight ammo (kind of all over the place with lighter ammo). But I digress...

As I said, I was too busy today to continue with the cleanings and there are several to go. What kept me busy yesterday was getting a camera put up for auction on Ebay and going through files on hard drives, from my brother's computers, to save only family photos and such that my sister-in-aw might want to keep as remembrances. Then today, I took a drive with my wife, daughter and her fiance into the Toxic Waste Dump State (commonly referred to as New Jersey) so my daughter's fiance could pick up a Chihuahua puppy he was buying. He actually bought two and gave one to my wife. He is lucky I did not make him walk back to NY and that I let him into my house again. Hell, we already had 4 dogs and watched his first most of each week. Now we have five dogs, plus his first to watch and his new puppy to watch when he and my daughter are both at work! Damn my yard is going to be one smelly minefield! Puppy pron at a later date.

I got to pick the name. I did an Internet search for female dog names. Number 15 on the list I looked at was Abby. I started to laugh out loud because, as soon as I saw it, all I could think of was Igor in the movie Young Frankenstein as he tried to tell Dr. Frankenstein the name of the person whose brain he had stolen. He told Dr. Frankenstein it was "Abby someone..."

This puppy will have to be, or wind up being, pretty Abby Normal to live at our house, thus the new moniker! I only agreed to let it live let it come home with us if I could name it.

Well, I am going to be busy tomorrow and Tuesday, so maybe by Wednesday I can clean the rest of the rifles and pistols. I hope so because I want to be absolutely sure that whatever I decide to bring to the Northeast Bloggershoot, this coming weekend, is going to be sparkling clean so we can really foul them up again without any glitches while doing so!

All the best,
Glenn B