Friday, September 21, 2012

Pork Ribs - Excellent, Beef Ribs - Great, Cracked Ribs - Suck

I guess it has to do with getting old, with being at death's doorstep last year, and with feeling run down in general for the last month and a half or two, but I am still surprised at how much a couple of fractured ribs can be a pain in the rib cage, shoulder, back and even neck. Of course, I have been having problems with my right shoulder and upper back around that shoulder blade and m neck for a few years now so I guess the cracked ribs have just added to the exquisite intensity of the pain I have been experiencing with every little stretch, cough, reach, wist, turn, pull, push and whatever other movement of which you can think in which the ribs move even just a little. Truth be told, they have been feeling a lot better than they did 8 or 9 days ago, even much better than just a few days ago, that is until last night. It took a couple of weiss biers, 2 Naproxen sodium tablets, a 10/325 mg Percocet and a couple to a few 5 mg Hydrocodone HCL tabs to make it feel better. That may be because I have not been taking anything during the day, on workdays, to alleviate the pain except for the Naproxen sodium tablets, which are muscle relaxants. With work and driving to and from it, I decided it would be better not to be under the influence. It may also just be because I tossed a towel over my head around my upper back and shoulders, yesterday after my shower, and I twisted a bit to much or whatever and felt something stick and go click. Man, I almost let out a howl. I figured it was a fluke and stretched a bit this way and that and tried the same move again, knucklehead that I am. The second time the result mimicked the first but not nearly half as bad. I am guessing my ribs had moved, slipped, gotten pushed out of normal alignment and when I made the move with the towel - ouch. I really had not been feeling much pain at all for at least a couple of days, except when in bed and turning over, until I did that. The rest of yesterday and today have been mildly hellish.

I was told, by the radiologist who examined my x-rays, that my ribs would be very painful for a week, then fairly painful for a couple to a few weeks more. It is amazing how true that has been considering the fractures are pretty small but I guess that is the nature of the beast known as cracked ribs. I have had quite a few other broken bones and none have hurt like the ribs have pained me. Tonight, two weiss biers, a couple of the muscle relaxants (taken this afternoon) and one of the Percocet (a generic form) and one hydrocodone have done the tick - almost. Almost is good enough for me. I'll take one more hydrocodone before I hit the hay if I need it and will hopefully get a much better night's sleep than I did last night. I need the sleep, I have to be at work tomorrow morning. Thankfully, I am only working a few hours tomorrow.

Still though, I am feeling a lot better than a day or three after I broke them. I can actually cough now without feeling like collapsing or moaning in pain. I can adjust my draws, pull them up, pull up my socks, bend over, twist and turn with relative ease in most instances of each. If you have ever wondered about how it feels to have broken ribs, stop wondering, it hurts a lot and it sucks.

All the best,
Glenn B

Muslims Who Decry and Attack America And Obama's Apologies To Them

Well, there I was, saying I had rarely seen Obama burned in effigy, certainly as compared to GWB. While that still holds true - I learned of at least once instance, maybe two where Obama was burned in effigy just today over in Pakistan and neighboring countries. All this over the video on YouTube that purportedly blasphemes Allah and Mohamed. Then I hear again, that President Obama is damning that video and assuring Muslims, by way of a commercial over in Pakistan that cost the U.S. taxpayer tens of thousands of dollars, that the U.S. government tolerates all religions. Really now! So since the tens of thousands of Muslims who are protesting and are doing so in the name of Islam as spurred on by religious leaders, and by the Qur'an, have turned their protests into violent riots and scores of people have already been injured and died in them, does that mean that president Obamaessiah also condones those religious killings, at least the ones perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Allah?

How is it that politicians like Obama and Clinton, H. just do not understand that the Muslim religion, when it comes right down to it, has zero tolerance for any other religion or any other viewpoint that does not agree that Allah is the only one true god and that Mohamed is his prophet? After all, one of their favorite sayings seems to be "There is no God but Allah". If you do not believe then by force they are to either convert you or kill you - it is in their version of the good book. So to politician like Clinton and Obama, who want us to tolerate, even except Islam, I say simply say bullshit because there are other gods in which people believe and other faiths that drive them and none of those faiths, like Islam, are calling for the conversion of the rest of the world and the annihilation of all nonbelievers. While we do not need to accept the teachings of the Bible (Old or New Testaments) or of the Book of Mormon, or the teachings of Jesus, Yahweh, Buddha, Vishnu, Zeus, Pele and all the others - from what I have been able to tell, any who follow them will at least tolerate one another from other religions except for maybe a handful of hardline kooks. Of the major faiths in existence today such as: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, the Bahá'í Faith, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Taoism and Confucianism, it is only the Muslims, the followers of Islam, who continually strive to conquer the world by way of conversion and the sword and it not just a handful of kooks but at least millions and millions of them who think that way. It is only they who routinely take offense at any slight, insult, comedic relief, satire, or any other use of freedom of expression that goes against the teachings of their so called holy book. Yet, they routinely destroy the holy books of other religions, just try to enter Saudi Arabia with a Christian bible let alone actually read one there in public. They constantly do against other religions what they will kill the followers of those other religions for when the others do the same against Islam. In other words, it is okay for them to blaspheme other Gods but not for others to do so to their God or the blasphemers of the Islamic God must dies. Thus by their same reasoning it is okay for them to put to death those of other religions who may have slighted the Islamic faith but heavens forbid should you harm a hair on a Muslim's head, that means that they will be at war with your nation seemingly forever - no matter the justification that you may have had for harming that Muslim (such as the U.S.A. allied with Muslim nations and fighting against Muslim terrorists - how dare you attack them, you are now the enemy of all Muslims, even the ones with whom you were allied. It is the Muslim mindset. It is also the same as how dare you blaspheme or insult Mohamed or Allah because that means you are now the enemy of all 1.5 billion Muslims. And of course, our President bows to them and apologetically tells them how horrible it was that someone in our country has offended them as they continue on their killing rampage not caring who dies in the violence and not caring one iota about the words of president Obama or Secretary of State Clinton. That these blabbermouths only are experts on how to use their mouths is much of the problem because they offer no practical response and give only hollow words and words that they pretty much reserve for those of the Islamic faith only.

So what exactly does the President Obama and ghis administration do when it comes to the Gods of other religions being blasphemed? They ignore it. Take for example the new art exhibit that is soon to open in new York City called Piss Christ. "The artwork features a “photograph of the crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine.”" Not not the empty cross, but the crucifix with Jesus Christ impaled upon it. See:

Recently there also was an obvious anti-Mormon play, or at least a play that poked fun at Mormonism. I think on Broadway, and guess what, it was laughed at and found to be funny by U.S. political leaders. You certainly have not heard one peep out of President Obama in order to denounce it. Yet, as soon as someone does the same to something that is Islamic, those very same politicians - including the president of the USA Barack H. Obama - are denouncing it as an outrage and apologizing to the Muslims of the world. Oh yeah, now I remember, Obama was that way himself towards Christianity with his hanging onto their bibles and guns quote. So why does this happen, why does Obama keep apologizing to the Muslims, standing up for Islam, while disregarding insults to religions like Christianity, even making such insults himself? The only reason that I can see is that Obama is or was a self avowed Muslim and I truly believe he has an affinity toward them more so than he does for America.

Well, of course, there really is another reason, the followers of Islam go berserk and start killing in the name of Allah and their Prophet. They say that they were insulted. Oh my, insults being a reason for mass riots, property destruction, hundreds of injured people and many dead ones too - imagine that if a Christian tried it here in this country! In regard to how the president responds to it all, President Obama probably just about qualifies to be called Piss Obama each time that happens because my guess is that each time it takes place, his pants suddenly get pretty warm and wet and cries out apologetically because he is scared to death that he may be mistaken for one of the blasphemers. Yet, each time the Muslims insult anyone, or protest, or burn our flag, or destroy our property, or riot, or injure or kill Americans, he gets all cozy with the Muslims apologizing for Americans and is apparently okay with that. The thing is, if our president had any true feelings of American patriotism, he would be bombing terrorist strongholds in Libya right now and in Pakistan too, then invading them. He also should be withdrawing all of our embassy personnel from all Muslim nations. He should cease all financial aid to and trade with Islamic nations. He can, I think, legally take this action and base it all as being opposed to Islam and not be in violation of our Constitution. You see, I believe that Islam is not a true religion at all; I think it is a system of governmental control that passes itself off as religion or merely uses religion as a front. Yes, there is religion involved but only in as much as it controls its followers and takes over and controls whole nations and force the people of those nations to convert or kills them. When our governmental leaders realize that and classify Islam as such, only then will they have achieved the wisdom and the courage to take the course of action that is needed and they will strike back full force at anyone who attacks U.S. citizens in the name of Islam. That likely isn't going to happen under the administration of the Apologist President, self avowed one time Muslim, Barack H. Obama. Voting him out in November surely would be a step in the right direction.

All the best,
Glenn B