Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just how sick can people get... make them want to do anything like of what three young men have been accused?

Reportedly three men were accused sexual assault after allegedly attempting to dig up a woman's corpse to have sex with the corpse. See the article at @,2933,214125,00.html

There are truly some unbelieveable or truly bizzare aspects to this case, and I do not mean simply that these young men allegedly wanted to sexually put it to a corpse. Look again at the charge with which they were charged; it was later dropped, but please explain to me how anyone could within the realm of reason be charged with assaulting, or attempted assault, of a corpse. Maybe I just don't get it - in fact I really do not get it at all - so please explain that one to me.

The next thing that is a bit weird is that there is no charge for necrophilia (or attempt of such) in Wisconsin. So these guys will wind up being charged with destruction of property or some other lessor crime than I would imagine necrophilia would be. If it was me as prosecutor, and if the allegations were upheld by sufficient evidence, I would have already charged them with every imaginable crime of which they could be charged to include: criminal trespass, burglary, criminal possession of burglars' tools, destruction of property, conspiracy to commit all of the above.

Finally the other seemingly weird thing about this was that they allegedly were not even going after a fresh corpse, which is, i imagine, probably even weird among those who actually practice necrophilia. The woman reportedly was killed on August 27, and these guys allegedly were trying to dig her up to have sex with her on September 2. Remembering there are 31 days in August, this was then at least part of 7 days that she had already been deceased, and I would imagine a few days after she was buried. If these allegations are true, just how sick are these guys?

I think they all need mental examinations if the allegations are found to be supported by fact and evidence. I think a search of each of their residences and places of business may well be in order to seek out any further evidence of this alleged crime and any others along the same lines. I think if they are convicted, their pictures should be posted on milk cartons to scare children away from strangers. Yeah, I know they are not charged with any crimes against children, but they would sure be guys I would want to scare my children away from for sure if they are guilty.

Hopefully they were not really attempting to dig up the corpse of the departed lady in order to attempt some sort of perverse sexual acts. Hopefully this is a misunderstanding. Hopefully the youth of our nation is not as sick or perverse as it would have to be to do something like this. Yet my guess is the police have some sort of evidence to indicate this is what they were doing, otherwise why arrest them on sexual assault charges in the first place no matter how weird those charges seemed to me.

One final 'hopefully': Hopefully, and understand these are my hopes, if they actually did this, they will be put in jail for as long as the law allows on as many charges as the law allows. I say this last one because if they are indeed guilty under the law, then as I see it, they don't belong out in normal society cause folks, stuff like that, it ain't normal by any stretch of the imagination.

All the best,
Glenn B

Ballseye's Boomers - Ruger Mini 14

Here is a case of a gun I sold that I sometimes kind of, sort of, wish I had not sold, but am still happy I sold it. Go figure, but here is the scoop on this one, particularly the one I had that is shown in the picture.

I was quite eager to purchase a semi-automatic rifle in a readily available caliber, and it was a toss up between something in .223, 7.62x39 or .308. I decided on the .223 if only because I could get ammunition really on the cheap, as in free at that time. I decided on the Ruger for a few reasons. It was made in America, I had a couple of other Rugers firearms, my experience with Ruger had been a good one (no problems with my other Rugers), Ruger had a fine reputation even if the Mini 14 got somewhat mixed reviews.

Well when I got mine some years back, I immediately took it home and cleaned it. I noted a few disturbing things. The disturbing things were a lot of machine marks inside the receiver, and a lot of seemingly sloppy welds. Then it was off to the range. I fired up a lot of ammo. I had a few jams, heck I needed something to whack the bolt handle to open it a few times, it did not extract and eject, leaving expended shell casings in the chamber at least a few times. More cleaning and different ammo and it worked better. Then I looked at my targets, where were the bullet holes. On one target, as I recall, I hit it about 5 times, this was out of many, many more shots. I adjusted sights and fired away, and after many such adjustments I got it sighted in as good as it would get. The big problem was shooting from any sort of a rest, doing so threw off my groups big time if I had sighted in the rifle from a no rest position.

I was not impressed and I had shot many a Ruger Mini 14 on my job with much better results. They were all blued steel, this one was stainless; they were all manufactured at least 10 years earlier, my new one was current (for then) production. I called Ruger, they said send it in. I had second thoughts, I sold the gun. The guy who got it loved it. Go figure!

The Ruger Mini 14 is loved by many and hated by many, my experience can illustrate why some hate it, the experience of the guy who bought it from me can illustrate how some love it. It is apparently a decent design even if not one of the most inherently accurate rifles out there. These rifles usually group good enough out to about 125 maybe 150 yards; some further. Therein I think lies a problem, it is in my opinion different - vastly different - in quality control from one to another. I could be wrong on that, but from all the feedback I have heard on them, that is my guess.

It has been years since I have shot or owned one. It maybe time again to try one out, probably this time in .223 again (only because 7.62x39 has proven difficult ammo to buy recently). Maybe I'll get a good one to satisfy me, or maybe I'll just have to sell it again. If anyone wants to make a donation let me know.

All the best,
Glenn B

Good friends are nice, and work stinks...

...and a wise man once said that the only good job was a windy one - if you get my drift.

I was essentially called into work on Friday, though I had other plans for the day and was going to take it off. (By the way this had me forget to blog yesterday but as you can see I am up and at it very early, at 0600, today on a Saturday.) A big stink had been made about something or other on Thursday afternoon in my office, and it fell to me to get it corrected even though I had not done anything to cause it by either my action or inaction. I cancelled an appointment I had for the day, a door installation but heck it rained all day so it wwould not have been good to get done anyhow. Then I completely forgot about another responsibility I had for Friday. Well that is I forgot about it until I got home from work late Thursday night. Then I remembered I had a shipment arriving on Friday for which I had to sign. In fact someone would have to be home to receive it if only because of the sontents of the package I would be receiving.

Thinking quickly on Friday morning, I wrote a note to the deliveryperson. I asked that the deliveryperson bring the package to my neighbor in the next house over and deliver it to her, or otherwise if possible to leave it in my garage. Since I figured it would require a signature, I signed the note. I left it taped onto my door so the delivery person would see it, it was a regular sized piece of computer paper, pretty big.

Then after I left home in a hurry to make it to my office, I remembered I had not asked my neighbor if she would accept the package. I called her quickly. I explained my situation with the package and being required to go to work on a day I had planned to be off. I told her what was to be inside the package. She agreeed to accept it nonetheless, and told me that is what good friends are for. Well, since my family and I moved into our current home about 12 years ago, I have not had to many social friends. We see the neighbors socially every now and then, that has been about it for me except a long distance friendship or two that I have. This lady though, my neighbor, is a true friend.

While a neighbor accepting apackage may not sem like a lot to you, it was a big deal for me, and could have been the same for the contents of the package. You see one thing I failed to mention to you above, but I did not fail to mention to my neighbor, was what the package was to contain - live critters. She did not even ask what kind, I guess ebcause she knows I keep snakes, lizards, tortoises, frogs and the like. She has no love for those creatures, yet she agreed to take them in until I arrived home. Very nice of her indeed. She is a good friend if only because 'It is a friend indeed who helps a friend in need.' (Did I just coin a new phrase?)

As it turned out, when my son got home from school, he found the package on our front doorstep, wrapped in plastic. I doubt the delivery person ever went to my friend to deliver the package, something I have to bring up with the delivery service, you know those folks who have all those brown trucks. Oh well, it makes her a friend nonetheless for sure. Nice to have good friends.

It wound up that the 7 snakes in the package seemed to be none the less for having been left on opur doorstep. It was a mild day in the seventies with no sun since it had been raining all day so they did not bake had they might have if left there on a hot summer's day. Even though my neighbor apparently did not take them, she would have left them in her garage, I owe her for the offer. Yes it is nice to have real friends.

All the best,
Glenn B